Yordenis Ugás warns that he will go boxing Pacquiao

Yordenis Ugás advierte que saldrá a boxear a Pacquiao

Yordenis Ugás, who will defend his version welterweight title AMB which they snatched from Manny pacquiao for not fighting, he pointed out that he will go out to box the Filipino on August 21 in Las Vegas.

“I’m going to have to box him (to Pacquiao) more than anything, “he explained Ugas in interview for DAZN. “That is the strategy we are working on at the moment.”

With that, Ugas warned that he will not necessarily go out to a trade fight against Pacquiao, but to box it. The Cuban is a fighter with little action, but a lot of skill on the counterattack.

The current monarch made it clear that he did not take the fight from Pac-man just for the juicy bag they offered him, but to increase his status in professional boxing.

“I want everyone to know that I did not take this fight for the money,” he explained. “I took it for my legacy, for my reputation, and I promise the fans that they are going to really enjoy this fight.”

Ugas He assured that this fight will be a disadvantage for both, since they trained for another type of rival, but circumstances have put them face to face and now they must show again how professional they are above the ring.

“The change of status for both him and me is a disadvantage. It’s something he and I are going to have to deal with. We are both warriors and we can deal with anything, “he argued.

Pacquiao sent a strong message to Yordenis Ugás

Manny pacquiao he was sincere in the virtual conference he held with journalists and made it clear that his rival Yordenis ugas, welterweight champion of the World Boxing Association, is the current monarch because that belt was taken from his power outside the ring.

Ugas he is champion because they gave him my belt. Now we have to fix it in the ring, ”he said. “Ugas stepped up and is bringing his championship from the AMB into the fight, so I’m excited to fight. “

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