“Medical report is satisfactory; Spence will be back soon, ”reports the WBC.

Reporte médico es satisfactorio; Spence regresará pronto, informa el CMB

The president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Mauricio Sulaiman, informed that the medical report he received on the condition of Errol spence It is satisfactory and that the welterweight champion of his body will soon return to the ring.

“I received an emotional letter from our champion Errol spence, in which he thanks the World Boxing Council for giving him the support to keep him as a champion ”, reported Sulaiman. “The easiest way out would have been to sanction the fight Pacquiao vs Ugas by our title. Or also to open an interim, but it was not like that. The CMB He confirmed his support, and the medical report was satisfactory, so he will return to the ring as soon as he is healthy and it is safe to return ”.

Sulaiman assured that the medical examination performed on the boxers weeks before their fights was of great help to find the injury in the eye of Errol. The injury was found two weeks from what would be his fight against Manny pacquiao.

“Unfortunately, during the mandatory examinations that boxers must pass, a lesion was detected in the retina of the left eye of Spence and he had to be operated on, which will keep him out of the ring for a while. Now, Pacquiao will face the Cuban Yordenis Ugás “, He said Sulaiman.

In the same way, the leader assured that the division that reigns Spence

there is a lot of talent. For them, great fights are expected in the short and long term.

“The welterweight division is perhaps the most talented right now. There are many fights that could take place in the months and years to come. Hopefully, the promoters will get it right and give the fans what they deserve: the biggest fights, ”he said.

With the medical report, the CMB does not show any doubt about the veracity of the injury of Errol Spence. This, despite the fact that last week, Bernard Hopkins He assured that he had doubts about whether the injury was real.

Mauricio Sulaimán and the WBC wish Pacquiao luck

The president of the CMB He took time to send the best vibes to the Filipino Manny pacquiao in his fight against the Cuban Yordenis ugas this August 21 in Las Vegas.

“We wish you Manny best of luck this Saturday and it would be wonderful if he closed his cycle by contesting the green and gold belt of the CMB that has accompanied him throughout his career ”, he declared.

Sulaiman and Pacquiao

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