Red Bull Bragantino vs. Rosario Central – Match Report – August 17, 2021

Red Bull Bragantino vs.  Rosario Central - Match Report - August 17, 2021

(EFE) – Rosario Central was left out. The Argentine team fell back to the Brazilian Bragantino, which thus qualified for the first time in its history to the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana by winning 1-0 at home, after the 4-3 victory in the first leg of the series quarter-final.

Bragantino resisted the attacks of the ‘Kily’ González team, who saw how the VAR annulled a goal for a millimeter offside by Marco Ruben, and finished the tie in the 93rd minute with a goal from the center of the field by Artur.

The duel at the Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium ended in a general fight between the players of both teams.

Rosario’s squad was comfortable in Brazil, dominated much of the match, but failed in the last meters, despite the excellent performance of midfielder Emiliano Vecchio.

With the defeat, Central said goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana and also said goodbye to the Argentine teams that crowned one of their own, Defense and Justice, in the 2020 version.

Bragantino will now face the winner of the tie between Santos and Paraguayan Libertad in the semifinals. The Brazilians start with an advantage after winning 2-1 in the first leg.

Central started a thousand revolutions. He put his leg in from the first minute. The Uruguayan referee Christian Ferreyra was the first to ask the players of the Argentine team to calm down.

He also pressed with the idea of ​​drowning the rival’s first line of creation and recovering quickly. The first fifteen minutes were a monologue of the scoundrels.

Bragantino resisted that initial onslaught as best he could. Cleiton saved his team by deflecting a punch from Marco Ruben with difficulty; then VAR did, which annulled a goal from Central’s 9 shirt for a very fair offside.

The non-goal of the ‘Kily’ González team shook the Brazilian team. Cuello and Ytalo led the local reaction. The Argentine winger put a measured center in the direction of Ytalo, who finished off the air inside the small area.

Shortly after, the tables were turned and this time it was Cuello who missed another filtered pass from Ytalo that ended up in the clouds when he had everything in favor to score the first.

In that exchange of blows, Rosario insisted on the lateral centers in front of a Brazilian rear, which, even with the absence of central Léo Ortiz, goes down due to covid-19, took everything by high and low.

One of those centers, the work of Blanco, walked around the area without any Rosario player hitting the ball. The same fate ran for Artur for Bragantino, when another pumped pass from Cuello crashed into the post.

The second half started like the first. Rosario’s dominance at the controls of Vecchio, indecipherable for the rear of Bragantino. But time was running against him. It took two goals and there were only 45 minutes to go.

Bragantino, meanwhile, played not to play. At the slightest contact, the players remained lying on the court. The objective, to stop the game whenever possible.

Going into the 60th minute, Praxedes was able to sentence with a point-blank header that saved, also with his head and almost unintentionally, goalkeeper Jorge Broun. Subsequently, the Brazilian midfielder wasted an even clearer heads-up.

From that moment on, Rosario suffered from the physical effort of the first half. It was no longer so clear, nor were the passes so precise. Vecchio also dropped gears.

The last 20 minutes were a wish and I cannot for Central, which went on the attack in search of an express feat that never came. The icing on the cake was Artur, who sentenced the Brazilians in the discount with a goal from the center of the field when he saw Broun ahead. A finishing touch to a historic night were it not for the pitched battle at the end.

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