Sugar Ray Leonard explains what retinal eye injury feels like; it’s the same spence injury


Sugar ray leonard explained how it feels to injure the retina of the eye, the same ailment that afflicts Errol spence.

From my own experience, Leonard He told how the retinal detachment caused him to suffer, until he left him for two years in retirement. For your well-being, Spence it will not have the same fate.

“Naturally, I felt bad for him,” he said. Sugar ray leonard to the retinal injury of Spence, in an interview for “I had that too. Now, because of medical technology, advances in medicine, injury treatment and things of that nature, I am optimistic, it will be fine. “

Errol spence , after his successful surgery.

Leonard He explained what that type of eye injury feels like, which was detected in early 1982, and he would not fight again until May 1984, a little over two years later.

“I felt that they hit me in the eye and it would swell,” he explains. Leonard. “Then all of a sudden I saw like a shadow. It felt like a small shadow opened in my eye. You can’t see the whole picture. It seemed that my eye was swollen, because my vision, at that time, was getting worse. A great curtain was coming down over my vision. “

Sugar Ray Leonard had a quick operation, as did Spence

By then, Sugar ray leonard He did not consider the seriousness of the matter. He was operated on urgently, and treated accordingly, as well as Errol spence.

“I didn’t know what the doctor was talking about. He told me that I had retinal detachment, and I replied that I was fine, “he said. Ray Leonard. “We thought we could come after the fight. Seriously, I couldn’t understand. I told the doctor, without hesitation, that I would do it tomorrow ”.

“I asked the doctor and he said it couldn’t be specified when it happened. My eye could have been stung playing basketball, it was all an accumulation of blows. Due to the advancement in medical technology, wonders can be done. You have to be patient. ”, He described Leonard.

The return of Leonard to the ring, before Howard, in 1984.

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