Peñarol’s alternatives to replace Facundo Torres against Sporting Cristal

Peñarol's alternatives to replace Facundo Torres against Sporting Cristal

Facundo Torres will miss the second leg of Peñarol against Sporting Cristal for the quarterfinals of the CONMEBOL South American Cup, and Mirasol coach Mauricio Larriera has different options to replace him.

One of the less risky models to replace the talented youth would be to keep the lineup as it is and place Máximo Alonso in Torres’ position. The speedy 19-year-old attacker has had several first-team appearances and made a good impression by exploiting his acceleration and showing himself determined to fight for every ball. Alonso could form an interesting tandem like Valentín Rodríguez on the left wing, as he did in the second half of the first leg against Sporting Cristal, although his strength is not the brand and Peñarol can propose a more conservative party taking into account the 3 to 1 in favor with which it arrives.

Another option that has possibilities is that of the debut of Juan Manuel Ramos on the left side, and that Valentín Rodríguez passes to Torres’ position. Rodríguez is used to playing higher than he usually does in Larriera’s team, since he played that role in the Peñarol youth teams. For his part, Ramos is a pure and hard side, with a greater defensive vocation than Rodríguez, so it could be a good option since in the first leg, the youth was somewhat overwhelmed with the Peruvian attack by his sector. The negative, or what could play against this option, is that Ramos would be making his absolute debut in the team and in a key instance such as this CONMEBOL Sudamericana duel. On the other hand, the Ramos-Rodríguez duo could have better location and technique in defense than if Alonso, more offensive, is used.

In addition to these two options that, in the previous one, seem the most probable, Larriera could place Cristian Olivera. The midfielder has already played 14 games with the Peñarol shirt, but he has not yet been able to demonstrate the weight he can bring to creation and definition. Furthermore, the fact that he played all 90 minutes in the weekend’s game against Progreso would seem to indicate that the coach is not thinking of him to start against the Peruvians.

The Peñarol team would then form with Kevin Dawson, Giovanni González, Gary Kagelmacher, Carlos Rodríguez, Juan Ramos / Valentín Rodríguez, Walter Gargano, Jesús Trindade, Agustín Canobbio, Valentín Rodríguez / Máximo Alonso, Pablo Ceppelini and Agustín Álvarez Martínez.

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