Sebastián Battaglia: “This is the closest thing to being a player, the adrenaline is a bit similar”

Sebastián Battaglia: "This is the closest thing to being a player, the adrenaline is a bit similar"

The brand new coach of Boca Juniors, Sebastián Battaglia gave an exclusive interview for Canal de Boca, the day after having his official presentation.

“This is the closest thing to being a player and at the same time it is different. The adrenaline is a bit similar, but hey, you are already on the line to the other side and trying to handle different situations that when you are a soccer player you may not have them. and you think about doing your best individually and then in groups so that everything goes well, “said Battaglia about his new challenge.

The former midfielder referred to the departure of Miguel Ángel Russo: “Without a doubt, Miguel is a man with a lot of experience, a long journey, and being by his side you learn in different ways how to manage a squad, work methods and others. “. And he said: “Today I have this opportunity due to circumstances that we all know so, very happy about that, and not only from Miguel but from many coaches that one has always had, try to get a little the best of each one to to be able to transmit it later. “

On what he will try to work on in his group, he explained: “What I try to convey as a coach in this time that I have had to be in other teams and with the boys is, try to give tools to be able to face a game and calm and the confidence that a coach has to give not only to those who enter but to those who are within the squad “.

And he closed: “It is a beautiful opportunity that presents itself to me with the responsibility it deserves, taking it that way, with the peace of mind of starting to work and that things can get on and off in the best way.”

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