“You will never see Ugás running like Rigondeaux,” says Yordenis coach


Yordenis Ugás will not go out to run against Manny pacquiao, according to his coach, who also made a comparison with Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Ismael Salas, coach of Ugas, affirmed that his ward will not escape the clash with Pacquiao, as you style Rigondeaux, even though they are both Cuban.

“I think so Rigondeaux train with a Cuban, “said the coach to FightHype. “I don’t like to demerit him at all, but the style (of Ugas) in the style of Rigondeaux. Remember when Rigondeaux fought with Nonito Donaire. He was a counterattack fighter. When he beat Rico RamosHe was a counter-puncher ”.

Rooms believe that in Yordenis Ugás we will see against Pacquiao a very different style from the elusive style of Rigondeaux against Casimero.

“So it’s hard to say yes, of course, of course,” he said. Rooms. But you will never see Ugas in a hurry. He never does. “

Yordenis Ugás prepares in his gym.

Ugás will take the initiative against Pacquiao

According Ismael Salas, Yordenis Ugás will make that Manny pacquiao fight defensively.

Yordenis he is a warrior ”, he explained Rooms. “If you remember when he fought with Shawn porter, Porter He had been the aggressor in all his fights, but in that moment, in that fight, he had to back off. Porter had to move. Yordenis Ugás it’s a solid 147 lbs. He is big, strong, with a good chin and has very good fundamentals. This is a great challenge (against Pacquiao

for Ugas), but in boxing, no challenge is impossible. Pacquiao will try (be more aggressive against Ugas), but I think it will go backwards ”.

Manny pacquiao he is prepared for anything.

Ugas’ fight plan to defeat Pacquiao

Firmly, Ismael Salas perjured that Yordenis Ugás has the skills and the battle plan necessary to defeat Manny pacquiao.

“TO Yordenis Ugás he likes to cut the tree ”, he synthesized Rooms with an analogy. “Cutting down the rivals, so if someone sees it from the outside, they don’t know the intensity that Yordenis can bring to the fight. We already have a strategy. But when we get to the fight, things can change. We have plan A, plan B, plan C. So let’s see start Manny and from there we start ”.

In the team of Yordenis Ugás know of the danger in the explosive attack of Pacquiao.

“Everybody knows that Manny pacquiao he’s a guy with an amazing bang, “he explains. Rooms. “He can go in and out, and he can put in one, two or three offenses at the same time. So we will work on that. “

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