“Canelo’s only rival is himself”: Pacquiao explains why he never fought Canelo at 154 pounds

Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Álvarez y Eddy Reynoso

Manny pacquiao assures that he never fought with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez because the Filipino never felt like a true super welterweight, despite having won a world championship in that category.

In conversation with several reporters they asked Pacquiao why never had a fight with him Canelo when the Mexican was at 154 pounds.

“I think 154 pounds was too much for me, because I’m 1.67 or 1.70,” he replied. Pacquiao. “If it was 1.75, maybe.”

On November 13, 2010, Manny pacquiao raised for the only time from 147 to 154 pounds to contest against Antonio Margarito the WBC super welterweight world championship that was vacant. The fight, however, was settled at 150 pounds, and Pacquiao he could barely weigh 144 pounds at the weigh-in. He couldn’t even reach the welterweight limit. After rehydration, Pacquiao stepped into the ring at 147 pounds. He won by unanimous decision to Margarito giving him an unforgettable beating.

Subsequently, Pacquiao he dropped back to 147 pounds, vacated the 154 title, and didn’t come back up.

“After my fight with Margarito, they asked me if I was going to defend my belt ”, he recalls Pacquiao. “I told them no, give it to someone else, because I was going to go back to 147. I wondered what I was doing at 154 pounds. It was a good experience, but up to there ”.

The Canelo he stayed at or near 154 pounds from 2010 to 2017, when he began fighting well above 154 or 155 pounds. Alvarez he was crowned world super welterweight champion of the CMB on March 5, 2011, keeping precisely the belt that Manny pacquiao had vacated.

Even though at some point, the Canelo and Pacquiao They could cross each other when the Filipino was at 147 and the Mexican at 154, the fight never happened. Nevertheless, Manny pacquiao expresses his respect for Canelo.

“(Canelo) is one of the best ”, he acknowledges Manny. “He has accomplished a lot. I’ve done a good job. I think his only rival is himself. If he keeps focused on boxing, working hard and making the sacrifices, and staying disciplined, he’s going to last a long time in boxing. “

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