Five rookies who stole the Summer League

Five rookies who stole the Summer League

Cam Thomas, Jalen Johnson, Jalen Green, Davion Mitchell and Cade Cunningham were the highlights of this Summer League.

Cam thomas

Cam thomas it’s the draft robbery. It wasn’t on many people’s radar, but after four games in the Summer league He is, after becoming only the sixth player in summer league history to average more than 25 points (27pp), he showed he is comfortable with the ball in his hands in moments of pressure and made winners for Brooklyn.

Cam thomas is a point scoring machine, he has done it in every level and the NBA will not be the exception. Thomas was selected in the 27th position of the last draft by the Nets and yes, he certainly reaches a team where his minutes did not promise to be many, but after what he saw in Las Vegas, Steve Nash has a nice problem.

His only aggravation is that he is emerging as a player who needs the ball in his hands to hit, and that will be the dilemma in a team that has the best offensive trio in the league coupled with the arrival of Patty Mills Mills.

Jalen johnson

The Hawks must be very happy and even with a mocking smile after seeing what was done by Jalen johnson in the Summer League.

If there was a possibility to redraft after the Summer league Johnson is sure not going to place 20 like he did. With 19 points, 9.5 rebounds, 57% FG and 42% in shots of 3 that earned him being selected to the ideal team of the competition. The doubts he raised when he left the Duke program in the middle of the season led him to go higher in the draft, but in a young nucleus and already a conference finalist such as the Hawks will be the beneficiaries of the skeptics.

Jalen green

His experience in the G-League was revealed in the Summer League. Many disagree on why the Rockets took him and not Evan mobley, who was valued as a better player, however, Green proved that he is a practically finished product to make an impact in the league.

He has every trick in the offensive repertoire, he averaged more than 20 points per game, he is capable of generating his own shot, he has a very explosive first step that unbalances any defensive scheme and that also makes him an enabler for open shooters. Green’s impact on the Rockets will be perhaps the most noticeable of all the rookies entering the league this year.

Davion mitchell

The most mature rookie to reach the NBA it is Davion Mitchell. Champion of the Summer league and, without a doubt, the best perimeter defender that the 2021 class contributes. With 11 points per game, 6 assists and 47% in shots of 3, but beyond those numbers, his key contribution is defense, he was named Co-MVP of the tournament with Cam Thomas.

In the final against the Celtics, he not only stopped dead in his tracks, but also demoralized Payton Pritchard with a year of experience in the field. NBA , and that he was eating the Summer League with his fists. The Boston guard averaged 21 points per game, 57% in triples and being defended by Mitchell his production was reduced to 4 points, 0-4 in triples and 4 losses. In fact, the Celtics lost their turnover differential by 34 points, the historical mark in the last 25 years was 33 points.

Believe me, Mitchell’s defensive comparison with Gary Payton.

Cade cunningham

Cunningham He was the most talked about player before the draft, many even compared him to Luka Doncic, something that is still exaggerated, but the Pistons player made it clear that he is the best talent of this generation.

Able to play and produce by handling the ball or playing without it. High basketball IQ for a 19-year-old boy whose coach, Dwane Casey defined as a silent alpha.

Outstanding with 18.7 points, 5.7 rebounds and 50% effectiveness in triples but more is expected of him as a facilitator since he only delivered 2.3 assists. In a league that relies more and more on shooting 3, Cunningham He proved to be ready and most importantly he looks consistent with his assisted attempts, but also created behind the arc.

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