“I do not allow you to make fun of my father’s addictions”: Chávez’s daughter rises to the controversy with Travieso Arce

No permito que te burles de las adicciones de mi papá: Hija de Chávez se sube a la polémica con Travieso Arce

Nicole Chavez, daughter of the great Mexican champion Julio Cesar Chavez, got into the controversy between his father and Jorge “Naughty” Arce, who had a disagreement on social networks, in which Maple uploaded a video pointing out the addictions of Julius Caesar father and son.

“You said that everything my dad achieved was thanks to all the cocaine that he had put up his nose in his prime,” he said. Nicolle in a series of stories from his account Instagram. “That speaks of the fact that I no longer know how many years you have been retired and you have not been able to assimilate that Julio Cesar Chavez it is Julio Cesar Chavez (raise your hand) and Naughty Maple it is Naughty Maple (He pretends to be downstairs). And I am sorry if I am rude but it is the reality ”.

Nicolle wished him Maple may you never have addiction problems in your family.

“It gives me a huge disappointment and repulsion how your mouth filled up talking about the addictions of my brothers,” claimed the daughter of Julio Cesar Chavez. “You are a father and you have children. And I pray to God that they never fall into an addiction, because that is a disease, in case you did not know, because you sounded a bit ignorant in everything you said, it is a very crappy disease that not only hurts people who consume, but they also involve and harm the people around them ”.

The petition to Jorge Arce

The same way, Nicole revealed that they were asking Maple to download that video (currently the boxer has already downloaded it). And if he didn’t, she was going to show the messages that he Naughty He sent his dad asking for forgiveness.

“It disrespects me that you have the courage to have uploaded that video,” he added. Nicolle Chavez. “You were already told to delete it, because in truth I am going to show all the screenshots, the photos and the messages that you sent him begging my dad and asking him for forgiveness. Do not be a hypocrite, if one is going to say something, say it well. Hold him, don’t go whining and asking for forgiveness because no one here wants to hear from you ”.

Nicolle He also said that he is likely to get in trouble with his dad for getting involved in the controversy.

“It is very easy to go out and speak ill of someone and tell their vulnerable things, but then be very hypocritical and cowardly and ask for forgiveness from under the table,” he said. Nicolle. “Maybe my dad will kill me with all these stories, but that will be another round that I have to win with him.”

Nicole assures that the Chávez family does not want to know anything about the Travieso

Nicole Chavez He pointed out that the crossing of tweets they have had in the past has been to heat up the fight they had, and he understands it. However, now it is not worth that he is messing with his dad.

“One thing is the old toothy old man and if he fights it in Twitter to heat up the event, the marketing, I understand it ”, he pointed out Nicolle. But this is no longer a game. You know it, my family knows it, so the fish dies by its own mouth. Maybe it has helped you to go up and say all that, because it is the role that you give, a bit of a clown and having to speak ill of someone so that they turn to see you. On this side we are not like that, we have a lot of drama in my house. I will always stand up for my family, for my brothers, for my father and mother ”.

He also clarified that these statements are made to defend his father, the former addict. And not to defend the boxing legend.

“I did not make these stories defending Julio Cesar Chavez the world champion, or my boxer brothers ”, he clarified. “But as the daughter of a former addict, of a person who has lived through the process of many family members in addiction, I have suffered a lot and I am not going to allow you to come and make fun of that.”

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