Athletico-PR vs. Quito League – Match Report – August 19, 2021

Athletico-PR vs.  Quito League - Match Report - August 19, 2021

Athlético Paranaense defeated the Liga de Quito 4-2 in the second leg for the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana that was played in Curitiba and advanced to the semifinal, where they will face Peñarol from Uruguay.

The goals of the LDU, as the Ecuadorian team is also known, were converted by Paraguayan Luis Amarilla and Jhojan Julio, while midfielder Christian, with two scores, and attacker Bissoli, also with a double bouquet, scored for the win. of the “Furacao” (hurricane).

In the semifinals, Paranaense met the Uruguayan Peñarol, who eliminated the Peruvian Sporting Cristal with victories 1-3, in Lima, and 1-0, in Montevideo.

The first leg in the Ecuadorian capital between Paranaense and Liga de Quito had ended with a 1-0 victory for the homeowners, thanks to a goal from Djorkaeff Reasco, son of former World Cup winger Néicer Reasco, a player who defended Sao Paulo in Brazil. Paul.

With the obligation of a victory, the Paranaense accelerated from the beginning and in the first minutes the attacker Bissoli brought danger to the goal of the Argentine nationalized Ecuadorian Adrián Gabbarini.

But the joy of the start was for the rival, who after 10 minutes, in a play by Pedro Perlaza, took the lead with a goal from Amarilla.

More with desire than with order on the court, the team of Portuguese coach Antonio “Toni” Oliveira matched the actions in the 25th minute with a goal from Christian in a shot from outside the area.

Christian himself, 4 minutes later (29), came back after a pass from Nikao and an individual play in which he left defender Franklin Guerra on the way.

Then came an exchange of plays in which the experienced Gabbarini and the local goalkeeper Santos, champion with Brazil at the Tokyo Olympics, were protagonists.

The equalizer for the Ecuadorians came in the 42nd minute with a pass from Jordy Alcívar, well used by Julio to make it 2-2.

In the second half, 61 minutes into the game, after a combination between Marcinho, Nikao and the Uruguayan David Terans, the attacker Bissoli took advantage of a rebound inside the area and again uneven the score. The goal was validated by the VAR.

In the 67th minute, a new intervention by the VAR ratified a penalty sanctioned by the Chilean referee Roberto Tobar for a foul by Uruguayan Santiago Scotto on Christian.

Bissoli’s charge, at 69 minutes, made it 4-2 with which the Paranaense pocketed the classification.

The Ecuadorian team coach, Argentine Pablo Marini, moved the chips and managed to bring danger to the goal defended by Santos, who managed to avoid the third goal that would classify Quito.

– Data sheet:

4. Athletico Paranaense: Santos; Marcinho, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno, Ábner; Richard (m.56, Érick), Christian (m.88, Leo Cittadini), Nikao, David Terans (m.88, Ze Ivaldo); Vitinho (m.88, Fernando Canesín) and Bissoli (m.82, Renato Kayzer).

Coach: Antonio “Toni” Oliveira (POR).

2. Quito League: Adrián Gabbarini; Pedro Perlaza (d.89, Mádison Mina), Franklin Guerra, Luis Caicedo, Christian Cruz; Ezequiel Piovi, Jordy Alcívar (d.74, Juan Cruz Kaprof); Matías Zunino (m.74, Ánderson Ordóñez), Santiago Scotto (m.74, Djorkaeff Reasco); Jhojan Julio and Luis Amarilla.

Coach: Pablo Marini (ARG).

Goals: 0-1, m.10: Luis Amarilla. 1-1, m.25: Christian. 1-2, m. 29: Christian. 2-2, m.42: Jhojan Julio. 3-2, m. 61: Bissoli. 4-2, m.69: Bissoli

Referee: The Paraguayan Éber Aquino admonished Cruz, Scotto and Caicedo and Érick and Bissoli.

Incidents: second leg for the quarterfinals of the South American Cup, played at the Arena da Baixada stadium in the Brazilian city of Curitiba. EFE

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