Everything you have to know in the previous to the 4th date of all the superior categories of the URBA

Everything you have to know in the previous to the 4th date of all the superior categories of the URBA

In tournaments that so far are extremely even, First A, B, C, Second, Third and Development will contest their respective fourth dates.

First A

Champagnat vs. Mariano Moreno

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Champagnat started very well, who is one of the three undefeated in the tournament and was left as a guard for Los Matreros and Atlético del Rosario. Last Saturday he drew 26 goals against Banco Nación and cut a series of consecutive wins against San Carlos and Olivos. In Moreno there were mixed sensations after the equality against Lomas in 21 goals. It is that in La Reja they still could not win, since on the first date they lost against Plaza by 25 to 17. They came from a great success in Curupaytí and were in seventh position.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Curiosities aside, the two come to tie and will seek to reaffirm all the good they did in this start of the category. Champagnat started very firmly, with a solid defense that did not receive as many against Olivos and only eight in the debut, in San Carlos. Moreno made a match for Rosario, one of the top candidates to return to the URBA Top 12, and he was on level. It will be a good test for both of us.

BACKGROUND: In 2019 there were two victories for Champagnat, 30-17 at La Reja and 26-21 at Estancias del Pilar. Moreno has not won as a visitor since 2014 (18-0).

They complete: Olives vs. Pueyrredón, San Carlos vs. Banco Nación, Lomas Athletic vs. La Plata, Curupaytí vs. Deportiva Francesa, Atlético del Rosario vs. Saint Alban, and Saint Patrick vs. The Matreros.


Naval Lyceum vs. SITAS

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Very good clash between the two San Cirano guards, who with 14 points leads the table of Primera B. Liceo Naval and SITAS also won their three commitments and are undefeated although they arrive a point behind the Villa Celina club. Liceo comes from beating Don Bosco 31-17 as a visitor, while at SITAS a very close victory was celebrated against Manuel Belgrano, 31-29.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: They started with the intention of being protagonists, two clubs that have not too distant pasts in the First A. This year, with only one promotion and a season still marked by the pandemic, they will seek to be in the fight to be able to move up in a category in a division with several applicants and a trend with five or six clubs to be cut from the rest.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2016, when Liceo Naval won by 25 to 21. SITAS has not won since 2010, when they did it at El Palomar by a tight 20 to 18.

They complete: Hurling vs. San Fernando, Delta RC vs. San Andrés, San Cirano vs. Gymnastics and Fencing, San Martín vs. University of La Plata, City of Bs.As. vs. Don Bosco, and Manuel Belgrano vs. Daom.


Viceroys vs. Vincentians

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: There are few teams that achieved all the points in dispute at URBA and Vicentinos is one of them. Three wins with bonuses, 130 goals in favor and only 35 conceded. They come from thrashing CASA de Padua by 48 to 10 in another very solid performance. Virreyes lives his first experience in the First C after ascending in 2019 and for now he did it with great dignity, reaping a victory and two very tight crashes. On Saturday he lost 21 to 12 to Club Italiano, one of the clubs that is emerging in the fight for promotion.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Exceeding the forty point average is not a thing of every day. So did Vicentinos, who also beat Monte Grande and Lanús. With CUQ, Liceo Militar and Italiano as escorts, it will be necessary to see how he will approach when the rivals that fight for promotion arrive. In Virreyes the goal is to build the team for next year. With a young team that rearmed after the pandemic, the beginning was very competitive and with a proposal to take risks, whatever the rival.

BACKGROUND: Only twice did they meet in the Superior division and Vicentinos beat both times: 49 to 14 in 2015 and 47 to 10 in 2016.

They complete: Military High School vs. El Retiro, Naval Center vs. Italian Club, CASA de Padua vs. CU Quilmes, Lanús RC vs. Atlético and Progreso, Monte Grande vs. Old Georgian, and Luján RC vs. Areco RC ..


Mercedes RC vs. Las Cañas RC

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The start for Mercedes in this tournament could not have been better, in such a way that their triumphs against San Marcos, San Pedro and La Salle do nothing more than excite their fans for a prominence that can be the trigger to fight for promotion. It will be his second home game, as he comes from a 45-26 away win at La Salle. Las Cañas escaped at his home in Cañuelas, in a great game where he lost undefeated to Albatros. The 39 to 37 final for the La Plata cast marked one of the best matches of the date.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Curiosities aside, Mercedes and Las Cañas were the two clubs that qualified for the Repechage in 2019 and could not be promoted against teams from a higher division, such as Luján and CASA de Padua. Almost two years after that opportunity, and with the difficulties they had to maintain themselves in these times of pandemic, the beginning of the two only invites hope.

BACKGROUND: Since 2003, Mercedes has not surpassed Las Cañas; on that occasion it was due to the Relocation of Group III by 24 to 17. In 2019 there were two triumphs for the Cañuelas club, which as a visitor they won by 16 to 7.

Complete: RC Tiger vs. San Miguel RHC, Argentino de Rugby vs. San Marcos, St. Brendan’s vs. Shot Federal of San Pedro, Del Sur Rugby vs. La Salle, Albatros vs. Atlético Chascomús, and Los Cedros vs. Gymnastics and Fencing of Ituzaingó.


Los Molinos vs. Beromama

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After a spectacular 2019, with an undefeated title, came the challenge of debuting in a higher division. Thus the demand was greater and after a successful debut, Los Molinos narrowly lost to Campana and Porteño. Beromama, on the other hand, won on the three dates and accumulated no less than 100 points. On Saturday he beat Baradero Federal Shot in González Catán, by 30 to 8.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: They showed that they are up to the task, because they only lost by two goals to Campana (22-24) and by four to Porteño (27-31). For Los Molinos, this year will be accommodating to a more competitive level, in a tournament that profiles several applicants for promotion. In Beromama they have been trying to make the leap in quality for years. There were ups and downs and they had to go up and down alternately. This year they started solid, but still without facing the leading teams.

BACKGROUND: It will be the first clash between both clubs, since since the inclusion of Los Molinos in URBA they will play for the first time in the Superior Division.

They complete: Porteño vs. City of Campana, Federal Shot of Baradero vs. Varela Jr., San José vs. Banco Hipotecario, Arsenal Náutico de Zárate vs. Los Pinos, and Ezeiza vs. Vicente López.


Almafuerte vs. Hebrew Society

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After being free on the second date and starting the championship beating Rivadavia de Lobos, by 45 to 17, in Almafuerte they had the pleasure of returning to the competition with a pure try. In Sanitary Works they registered the biggest win of the tournament, beating the local team by 89 to 12. Sociedad Hebraica shares the lead in a batch of five teams, but with one more match than its rival. After falling on the initial date against Berisso, they beat Berazategui and Lobos.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The Ciudad Evita club wants to make the leap once and for all. In 2019 they lost in the repechage against Ezeiza by 29 to 26 and stayed at the door of promotion. In Hebraica they know about the ups and downs in recent years and they are working to expand the base of their schools. In a year of transition, this will be a commitment to find out at what level they are against a rival who added 134 goals in two games.

BACKGROUND: In 2019 there was ample superiority for Almafuerte in both games: they thrashed 52-22 and 40-15. Hebraica has not won as a visitor since 2012 when he did it 39-3.

They complete: Rivadavia de Lobos vs. Floresta RC, Municipality of Berazategui vs. Glew Defenders, Berisso RC vs. PAC Gral. Rodríguez, and Marcos Paz vs. Athletic San Andrés. Free: Sanitary Works

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