Nadal and Federer wouldn’t share the Top 10 after a long time

Nadal and Federer wouldn't share the Top 10 after a long time

They are the history of tennis. And they write more history with every step. Last April, it was 16 years since the day Rafael Nadal, flaming champion for the 12th year in Barcelona, ​​reached the Top 10 of the world rankings and since then, he and Roger Federer remain in the ATP elite. Not for much longer.

Nadal is 35 years old, Federer 40. That does not imply that they are not among the best on the professional circuit and playing for more glory, beyond the physical problems they went through in their careers.

They are, in short, two of the top Grand Slam champions, with 20 titles each. Federer reached that historic mark at the 2018 Australian Open and was equaled by Nadal at Roland Garros 2020. Although, with Novak Djokovic safe, the mark could take a backseat at the next US Open.

Therefore, to enjoy what is left of tennis. Because there are already 17 times seeing Nadal and Federer together in the Top 10 of the world rankings. Overall they were in the top three or four and now Russian Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas jumped into the Top 3. Something unusual in recent times.

Owners of numerous records, Nadal and Federer now indulge in remaining among the best, despite the onslaught of the new generation, with names of greater weight and figures that appear stronger and stronger. They, each in their own way and with their style, fight and are protagonists. However, into 2022 they would come out of the Top Ten and that is all news.

Since debut, Nadal and Federer in the ATP Top 10:
2005: 1st Federer and 7th Nadal
2006: 1st Federer and 2nd Nadal
2007: 1st Federer and 2nd Nadal
2008: 1st Federer and 2nd Nadal
2009: 1st Nadal and 2nd Federer
2010: 1st Federer and 3rd Nadal
2011: 1st Nadal and 3rd Federer
2012: 2nd Nadal and 3rd Federer
2013: 2nd Federer and 5th Nadal
2014: 1st Nadal and 4th Federer
2015: 2nd Federer and 4th Nadal
2016: 3rd Federer and 5th Nadal
2017: 4th Federer and 5th Nadal
2018: 1st Nadal and 2nd Federer
2019: 2nd Nadal and 4th Federer
2020: 2nd Nadal and 4th Federer
2021: 2nd Nadal and 8th Federer (today 4th and 9th, respectively)

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