“Pacquiao prepared for a better fight than this,” explains Freddie Roach.

Pacquiao se preparó para una mejor pelea que esta, explica Freddie Roach

Freddie roach, coach of Manny Pacquiao, was clear and assured that his ward was prepared all these months to face Errol spence, whom he considered a better fight than with him Yordenis Ugás.

Manny he’s been preparing for a fight that’s bigger than this, ”he said. Roach in an interview with Fight Hub. “The only one that (Ugas) really has is a great flown right hand. That is what you have to take care of, but Manny you won’t let me connect you with that. So we worked on it and we had three new sparring partners that came and worked three days on and we are all fine. “

The same way, Roach pointed out that in the fight, the Cuban does not represent a great danger above the ring for Pacquiao. He longed for me to face Errol spence because he was a high-level rival.

“I do not think that (Ugas) is really risky, but I think it’s a good fight, “he said. Roach. “They were both preparing for a fight and they were both in good shape, no excuses. I really liked that fight against Errol spence and I thought they were going to be two of the best fighters in the world fighting each other and I was really looking forward to that fight. (Ugas) he’s a good puncher, great flown right hand, so I think he’s a good fight for Manny“.

Roach explained if they are discouraged about not fighting with Spence.

The coach was sincere in saying that boxing needed that battle between Spence and Pacquiao. But, in the end, the injury to the American’s eye stopped everything and he assured that he does not believe that they have faked said injury.

“Well, they were two of the best fighters that faced each other and I think boxing needs more of that,” he said. Roach. “So it was disappointing to see it not happen, but there is nothing we can do about it. I mean, is he fakingSpence) your retinal detachment? I do not believe it. That sounds ridiculous. But the thing is, we are here and we are ready for this fight. “

Roach said definitely Spence he is much better boxer than Ugas, and that they already have the strategy to beat it.

“It would have been a good fight (against Spence), we had a good strategy for that fight, and now we have a good strategy for this fight, ”he argued. Roach. “I believe that Spence is probably a better boxer (who Ugas ), but he is not invincible either ”.

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