Super Uru de Clubes: Old Boys defeated Old Christians and kept the classic

Super Uru de Clubes: Old Boys defeated Old Christians and kept the classic

By the third date of Super Uru of Clubs, Old Boys took the Montevideo classic against Old Christians. The local team won a game that was unlocked at the end and won 29-17.

Old Christians hit first and added via a post to the posts in the opening minutes. Federico Favaro, wing of the visiting team, converted the penalty to give his team the advantage at 8 ‘.

Old Boys reacted quickly and after 15 minutes he got a try on the flag by Eugenio Plottier. At 23 ‘, the Barça team pushed with their forwards and managed to add through the penalty try.

The visitors recovered quickly and after 27 minutes they achieved their first conquest by hooker Gerónimo Gutiérrez, in a play with several phases. At the end of the first half, Rodrigo Bocking was cautioned for a high tackle and left Old Christians with 14. The last play of that stage was for those in blue, in which Federico Favaro added 3 by way of the penalty.

In the 51st minute, Eugenio Plottier got his double and supported after a good run in what was a try for the Old Boys. Later, at 65 ‘, Old Christians added 3 points through a penalty converted by Federico Favaro and got to 5 points to tie it.

The local team achieved their fourth victory after a great collective move that ended with Juan Manuel Cat, the captain, supporting the ingoal to close the final 29-17 and that the Barça team achieved their third victory in the tournament in the same amount of presentations.


OLD BOYS (29): 1. Marcelo La Cava, 2. Carlos Pombo, 3. Faustino Etchegorry, 4. Guillermo Symons, 5. Santiago Villaseca, 6. Gonzalo Piana, 7. Nicolás Henderson, 8. Augusto Magno 9. Martín Stefani, 10. Matias Stefani , 11. Eugenio Plottier, 12. Germán Albanell, 13. Juan Manuel Cat (C), 14. Pedro Paysse, 15. Joaquín Alonso.

Changes: Half-time Nicolás Henderson by Gabriel Puig, 60 ‘Gabriel Puig by Juan Pirone, 63’ Diego Pombo by Marcelo La Cava, 64 ‘Baltasar Amaya by Pedro Paysse, 77’ Juan Buccino by Fausto Etchegorry, 79 ‘Cesar Riviere by Gonzalo Piana.

Trainers: Francisco De Posadas.

OLD CHRISTIANS (17): 1. Diego Muñóz, 2. Gerónimo Gutiérrez, 3. Felipe Inciarte, 4. Lorenzo Surraco, 5. Rodrigo García 6. Santiago Azambuja, 7. Leandro Segredo, 8. James Mc Cubbin, 9. Javier Fernández, 10. Sebastián Gómez Platero, 11. Federico Favaro, 12. Rodrigo Bocking, 13. Diego Ardao (C), 14. Joaquín Pena, 15. Santiago Del Cerro.

Changes: 56 ‘Tomás Etcheverry by Santiago Azambuja, 22’ Sebastián Pfeiff by Lorenzo Zurraco. 63 ‘José Astigarraga by Diego Muñóz, 63’ Martín Cano by Felipe Inciarte, 71 ‘Martín Azambuja by Leandro Segredo

Coach: Ándres Vázques.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8 ‘penalty by Federico Favaro (OCC), 15’ try by Eugenio Plottier (OBC), 23 ‘penalty try (OBC), 27’ try by Gerónimo Gutiérrez (OCC), 40 ‘Penalty by Federico Favaro (OCC).

Partial result: Old Boys 12-11 Old Christians.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 43 ‘penalty by Federico Favaro (OCC), 48’ penalty by Matias Davanzo (OBC), 51 ‘try by Eugenio Plottier converted by Matias Davanzo (OBC), 65’ penalty by Federico Favaro (OCC), 76 ‘try by Juan Manuel Cat converted by Matias Davanzo (OBC).

Final score: Old Boys 29-17 Old Christians.

INCIDENTS: 37 ‘yellow card to Rodrigo Bocking (OCC).


REFEREE: Francisco González.

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