The URBA Top 12 continues with great games: the preview of date 5

The URBA Top 12 continues with great games: the preview of date 5

The URBA Top 12 continues his march after a great day last week. This Saturday the date 5, in the only one televised at 13.30 live on ESPN 3, they will meet in Benavídez Newman and Hindu. On the other hand, SIC-San Luis, Los Tilos-CASI, Pucará-BACRC, Alumni-Regatas and CUBA-Belgrano, at 15.30, they can be seen live by

Newman vs. Hindú Club (Saturday at 1:30 p.m. live on ESPN 3)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Both are in the lot of the pointers, but last Saturday they went back a locker. Newman left Virrey del Pino undefeated, in a very even duel against Belgrano Athletic, 14-10. They arrived with a good average of points and game, but last weekend the ingoal was closed. While in Hindú the defeat against the SIC hit hard, because they arrived with very high morale to receive the rival with whom they shared most of the titles of the last 25 years.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: They are two teams that are to fight well up, surely among the candidates to reach the semifinals. In Newman the objective will be to return to being an unbalancing team, with volume of play and options to score tries. On the other hand, Hindú is going for the recovery, with the challenge of being more consistent in the points of contact, especially in the rucks, the platform of many of their offenses.

BACKGROUND: In a very favorable trend for Hindu in the last two decades. Starting in 2015 in Newman some triumphs began to appear, he won the two in 2017, one in 2018 and one in 2019. In Benavídez, the Cardinal won by 23 to 7 in the last tournament.

SIC vs. San Luis (Saturday at 3.30pm live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The SIC comes from a great match, which won 21 to 5 against Hindú in Don Torcuato. A triumph that took the tip off the Elephant. With 18 units, the San Isidro Club was at the top of the tournament table along with CUBA and is emerging as a great candidate to defend the title won in 2019. On the other hand, the Maristas still did not win in the Top 12, they tied on the Pucará court and, on the last date, they fell 15-9 against Los Tilos at La Cumbre, after five years without playing the La Plata classic.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The SIC was good in many aspects of the game in the victory against Hindú, especially in defense and contact zones. The last champions showed great ability to add from recovered balls and with a difficult first line of defense to overcome. While in San Luis you can see that there is a team in formation that is struggling to score points, they have only supported four tries so far in the tournament.

BACKGROUND: The defending champions have a wide advantage in history, in addition to winning the last two games they played in 2019, by 27-23 and 40-36. The Maristas prevailed in the ditch in the first round of 2018 by 29-24.

Los Tilos vs. ALMOST (Saturday at 3:30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After a hard fall in the SIC, where they lost by a landslide 78 to 6, in Los Tilos there was a thirst for revenge. And they had it, because they suffered an expulsion and, playing with 14, after five years without facing San Luis they took the La Cumbre classic by 15 to 9. While La Academia, curiously, is one of the four clubs that still They could not win in the Top 12. As locals, last Saturday they were not enough with the reaction of the second stage and they lost against Pucará by 25-22.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: With no decreases this season due to the pandemic, the objectives in Los Tilos and CASI will focus on finding their best formations for next year. Until now, to return from the promotion categories, the performance of the La Plata cast was more than positive. On the other hand, at CASI there were still not good results and the irregularity in the game suffered by the team from the start of the tournament had a lot to do with it. In addition, we remember that those from San Isidro played one less game, the one they lost 8-0 to CUBA due to a positive case within their squad.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2016 in Barrio Obrero, a match where ALMOST won by 25 to 19. In the city of La Plata, Los Tilos they have not won for ten years, the last time was in 2011 by 19 to 16.

Pucara vs. Buenos Aires (Saturday at 3.30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: If there is a team that suffered the numerous casualties in its squad like few others, it was Pucará, with almost a starting line-up spread throughout different parts of the world. Even so, the last Saturday got the first celebration. With a job from highest to lowest he won at CASI by 25 to 22. On the other hand, in Buenos Aires little by little they are accommodating to the rhythm of the Top 12. In front of Alumni they were an important time in front on the scoreboard, although finally they lost the fourth game in a row, this time 26-10.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Good feelings remained on the side of Burzaco’s team, where the backs reappeared on the scoreboard to score all the points against CASI (Klubus with his foot, Navarro, Buckley and Delguy, the tries). While in BACRC there were very positive stretches in the game, which gradually spread over time. Keeping them for more minutes is one of the challenges that were drawn from the staff and that will serve as a platform for next year.

BACKGROUND: They played for the last time in 2016, with a 31 to 10 victory in Burzaco. To find the last success in Buenos Aires, you have to go back 25 years, when in 1996 they won in their old field on Route 202, by 22 to 11 .

Alumni vs. Regattas (Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Alumni is one of the three clubs that arrive with four consecutive victories to the fifth date of the Top 12. Against Buenos Aires they did not have it easy, so they made the difference in the second half. Tobías Wade, with 16 points, is becoming more and more decisive in driving, while in the back line there are very important players, such as Battezzati, Cubilla and Provenzano. While in Regattas you can see that there is a very young team. They still failed to win, and against CUBA, they suffered the fourth straight fall. For now, defense is where there is more to correct, since the Bella Vista cast is the club with the most goals received in the tournament.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In Tortuguitas there were high expectations to know how they would return after the pandemic. And the truth is that they did very well, with a pack that is consolidating and a line of backs with many options. On the other hand, in Regattas the lack of filming is noted, especially due to the little experience on the team. With 23 tries received, the objective will be to improve on defense.

BACKGROUND: Alumni has been on a positive streak in their last duels against Regatas, with seven games without losses, with six successes and a draw. In Tortuguitas, the last time the Bella Vista people celebrated was in 2016 by a tight 19 to 17.

CUBA vs. Belgrano (Saturday at 3.30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: CUBA could not have started in a better way. He won all four games he played and leads the Top 12 with SIC. He comes from beating Regatas with a bonus, by 35 to 3 and without receiving tries, with a great performance by Benjamín Gutiérrez Meabe, author of 22 points. On the other hand, Belgrano arrives after a hard fall against Hindú, with a 40-point difference, and a subsequent victory against another of the unbeaten until that moment: Newman. In Virrey del Pino, the local closed the roads to the Cardinal, did not give him spaces and won by 14 to 10.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In CUBA there were notable advances in defense, with very few points against and a committed attitude in the contact zones. There were the keys to having an excellent start to the season. While in Belgrano they know that there will be several challenges to face, the struggle to obtain and clean the rucks. If the brown one returns to trust in the best thing that it did in the last times, the party will be open for either of the two.

BACKGROUND: Much parity between both clubs in recent years. In 2019, CUBA took the two wins, while in 2018 it was Belgrano who celebrated both the first leg and the return leg. In September 2018 it was the last victory of the Virrey del Pino team in Villa de Mayo, by 24 to 12.

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