What is the reason for the non-call of Carlos Zambrano to the Peruvian National Team?

What is the reason for the non-call of Carlos Zambrano to the Peruvian National Team?

The coach Ricardo Gareca announced this Friday the list of summoned from Peru for the triple date of Qualifying Heading to Qatar 2022. In the list of players, the great absence is the defender Carlos Zambrano who again was not considered by the Argentine strategist. Given Tigre’s decision, what is the reason for not calling the Boca Juniors defender?

Considering the unfavorable numbers of the Peruvian National Team in defense, the name of Carlos Zambrano was expected in the call. It does not mean that the Boca Juniors defender is the solution for Peru’s defensive problems, but the hierarchy and order that he could offer the team based on his experience is to consider.

However, once again Ricardo Gareca stopped calling Carlos Zambrano. This panorama for the Boca Juniors player has already been presented and it was in the Qualifiers heading to Russia 2018. At the breaking point of the Peruvian National Team, the Argentine strategist stopped calling some players due to lack of commitment. In this list, Zambrano appeared who missed the rest of the qualifiers and the World Cup.

What caused Ricardo Gareca’s annoyance at that time? Ricardo Gareca always avoided questions about the absence of Carlos Zambrano. But, apparently, the reactions of the defender and being prone to expulsions were the reasons why the Argentine stopped calling him.

However, Carlos Zambrano returned to the Peruvian National Team to play the Copa América Brazil 2019, which, incidentally, Peru was in second place. The Lion had a great performance and earned a place in the starting eleven. Even the qualifiers started for Qatar 2022 and his name was indisputable in the call. But what happened to not be called again?

At the press conference, Ricardo Gareca was asked about Carlos Zambrano’s non-call and replied that it was nothing personal. “In the case of Zambrano, it is nothing personal with him, far from it. You can be back at any time, “he explained.

Now, the uncalled Carlos Zambrano is clearly surprising. So, looking for an explanation, we find a reason.

Apparently, the expulsion of Carlos Zambrano in the duel against Brazil in the Qualifiers did not please the technical command of the Peruvian National Team. Undoubtedly, this duel was tainted by the bad refereeing of Julio Bascuñan, but it is not a justification for an expulsion that hurt the team. It was even an attack by Carlos Zambrano on Richarlison. This left Peru with 10 men and everything was more complicated.

Therefore, the technical command of Peru would have decided not to call Carlos Zambrano for the moment for the qualifying duels heading to Qatar 2022.

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