“Ghost of Donnarumma becomes giant in Keylor”, European media comment on Navas performance

"Ghost of Donnarumma becomes giant in Keylor", European media comment on Navas performance

Tico ownership of Italian is a topic of conversation around the world

The first pulse in an official match between Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma was won by the Tico who ended up being chosen by Mauricio Pochettino being both in optimal conditions to opt for one or the other.

This did not go unnoticed in the international media that echoed what happened in the game of PSG against Brest, some praised Keylor’s performance and others criticized him, the truth is that the subject of goalkeeping in the French team is a topic of conversation all over the world.

The As Daily He was critical of the actions of the Costa Rican in the two goals he received and they affirm that it is due to the pressure he feels for having the Italian right next to him on the bench.

“The ghost of Donnarumma becomes a giant in Keylor: look at the two goals for Brest … The Tico was able to do much more in the goals he conceded and the possibility that the Italian will take his place is becoming more and more feasible,” published the Spanish rotary.

In Italy, La Gazzetta Dello Sport They highlighted that the Milan exporter was on the bench in the first game that was called up but that he could appear against Reims next week.

“There will be options to be taken by Pochettino, who in the meantime will have to evaluate the alternation between the positions. In a week, it could finally be Donnarumma’s turn, who applauded Di María’s final goal, “he said.

While Le Parisien states that Keylor Navas is the protagonist, which is not seen as something totally good because they ensure that the PSG he is giving up many spaces in defense. “In the negative column a defensive fragility persists, too many stops for Navas, consequent offensive waste with sometimes confusing combinations that refer to the funny performances of Mauro Icardi”, they published.

In addition, L’Equipe He also pointed out the arrivals and goals against that he has been receiving PSG on three dates (6 in total).

“Definitely, the PSG he is struggling to fall behind, and this will also be one of his axes of progress, as he has always conceded at least one goal this season. He even gave a second, when Mounié managed to slide the ball between Navas’ legs, “he said.

Calciomercato He highlighted Navas’ interventions in this game in the lower part as well as in the final play in which a rejection of him ended with a lethal counterattack that Angel Di María converted into the final 2-4.

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