URBA Top 12: CUBA defeated Belgrano and remains firm with the SIC at the top

URBA Top 12: CUBA defeated Belgrano and remains firm with the SIC at the top

CUBA defeated Belgrano from 36 to 22 at home for the fifth date of URBA Top 12. In this way, the Villa de Mayo team remains undefeated and shares the top of the standings with the SIC.

The game started very hotly contested and the locals took advantage with a penalty converted by Benjamín Gutierrez Meabe in the eighth minute. But the Brown did not stay and quickly scored the first try of the match at the hand of Ignacio Marino to put the result 5 to 3 in his favor.

Belgrano went in search and scored the second try of the afternoon thanks to Tobías Bernabé, but I cannot capture the superiority he had during the first stage on the scoreboard and CUBA discounted with two penalties to end the first half 12-9 in favor of those of Virrey del Pino.

Already in the second stage, CUBA reacted, tied the game in 12 points after two minutes thanks to a penalty. After that the local began to deploy better rugby. Thus came the tries to begin to seal the victory. Enrique Devoto escaped and scored under three sticks in the fourth minute. Then, Rosatti discounted for Belgrano with a penalty leaving the partial result in 19 to 15 at eight minutes of the second half.

The Villa de Mayo team continued to damage the rival defense and stretched the advantage of the hand of Francisco Patrono and Facundo Pisani, who scored a try each and the advantage was stretched to 31 to 15. At the end of the match, Gutiérrez Meabe scored another conquest for the local and finally the Brown, who was with great pride, scored against the ingoal rival at the hand of Juan Cruz Rodríguez and decreed the final result 36-22 for CUBA.


CUBA (36): 1- Joaquín Alemán, 2- Enrique Devoto, 3- Estanislao Carullo, 4- Santiago Uriarte, 5- Jerónimo Conte Grand, 6- Lucas Maguire, 7- Segundo Pisani ©, 8- Benito Ortíz de Rozas, 9- Rafael Iriarte, 10- Rodrigo Ávalos, 11- Benjamín Gutiérrez Meabe, 12- Felipe de la Vega, 13- Francisco Patrono, 21- Agustín Migliore, 15- Marcos Moroni.

Coaches: Tomas Coppola, Agustín Benedicto and Federico Sala.

Changes: PT – 8 ‘Francisco Garoby for Joaquín Aleman; 16 ‘Pedro Mastroizzi for Benito Ortiz de Rozas. ST – 17 ‘Yavu Gienny by Francisco Patrono; 35 ‘Marcos Young for Agustín Migliore; 36 ‘Santiago Viacava by Rodrigo Ávalos.

BELGRANO (22): 1- Francisco Ferronato, 18- Ignacio Favre, 3- Facundo Ferreti, 19- Adolfo Martínez, 4- Augusto Vaccarino, 6- Joaquín de la Serna, 8- Agustín Rocca, 7- Joaquín Moro, 9- Ignacio Marino, 10- Tomás Rosati, 11- Juan Ignacio Landó, 12- Tomás Teglia, 13- Santino Ruzante, 14- Tobías Bernabé, 20- Agustín López Isnardi.

Trainers: Guillermo Tramezzani, Diego Gradín, Luis Gradín and Francisco Gradín.

Changes: ST – 7 ‘Santiago Carrol by Agustín Lopez Isnardi; 13 ‘Juan Cruz Rodríguez for Ignacio Marino; 36 ‘Andrés Bianco by Francisco Ferronato, Juan Penessi by Agustín Rocca and Ramón Duggan by Augusto Vaccarino; 38 ‘Matías Ávila for Ignacio Favre.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8 ‘Penalty Benjamin Gutiérrez Meabe (C); 13 ‘Try Ignacio Marino (B); 27 ‘Try Tobías Bernabé converted by Tomás Rosati (B); 37 ‘Penalty Benjamin Gutiérrez Meabe (C); 39 ‘Penalty Benjamin Gutiérrez Meabe (C).

Partial result: CUBA 9 – BELGRANO 12

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 2 ‘Penalty Benjamin Gutiérrez Meabe (C); 4 ‘Try Enrique Devoto converted by Benjamín Gutiérrez Meabe (C); 8 ‘Penalty Tomás Rosati (B); 10 ‘Try Francisco Patrono converted by Benjamín Gutiérrez Meabe (C); 24 ‘Try Facundo Pisani (C); 36 ‘Try Benjamín Gutiérrez Meabe (C); 41 ‘Try Juan Cruz Rodríguez converted by Tomás Rosati (B).

Final result: CUBA 36 – BELGRANO 22 WARNED: There was none.

REFEREE: Damien Schneider


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