What is the injury that ended Nadal’s 2021 season?

What is the injury that ended Nadal's 2021 season?

The news that shook the tennis world this Friday was, without a doubt, the announcement of Rafael Nadal (4th). The manacorí, who had just gotten off the Masters 1000 in Toronto and Cincinnati, reported that he will not be present for the rest of the season due to a physical ailment. But what is the injury that afflicts you so much?

Since 2005, the Spaniard suffers from a chronic disease called Müller-Weiss syndrome in his left foot. It is degenerative and is a abnormal development of tarsal scaphoid tissue. This same is the bone of the arch of the foot, which is fundamental for the movement of the foot.

This injury has no cure and cannot be treated with any operation, so it is chronic. Although it usually manifests itself after the age of 40, in Nadal appeared long before.

The way that Nadal had to treat this disease was the use of templates. This is how he told it in an interview with Bertín Osborne: “It is a very aggressive insole. With this insole my foot did not fit in the shoe and I had to fly to Portland to have a foot study done to make the shoes to measure. Thanks to the insole I have been able to play, but from There he has disrupted other things: knees, hips, back … That happened to me with 19 “.

It is that all this began when the manacorí was almost a teenager. In 2004, at only 18 years old, he suffered a stress fissure in the scaphoid of his left foot that excluded him from Roland Garros and that, after the Masters 1000 in Madrid in 2005 (that was indoor) ssuffered a stress fracture at the insertion of the peroneal-talar ligament of the left foot. That is, a few centimeters from the previous injury.

Today, at the age of 35, Nadal chose to take more care than ever, knowing the consequences that this injury may continue to bring him.. And 2021 will be without the winner of 20 Grand Slam tournaments until at least the start of 2022.

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