Alumni beat Regatas by the minimum and remains undefeated in the URBA Top 12

Alumni beat Regatas by the minimum and remains undefeated in the URBA Top 12

Alumni defeated, in local condition, to Regattas for 18-17 for the fifth date of the URBA Top12 and continues with his undefeated that puts him in the third place of the tournament.

The match started very hard, with two teams that did not want to risk too much. The wind played a main role and did not allow a clear game. At 15 ‘Máximo Provenzano found where to exploit his speed and, after a big hat, arrived at the ingoal visitor to open the scoreboard.

Regattas began to grow minute by minute. Two penalties from the opening Juan Otsubo brought the visit closer, until in the absence of five minutes, a great combination from the backs, allowed Francisco Pisani support your try.

The complement was a continuity of what was seen in the first stage. Regatas tried to play whenever he could, showed a very strong pack, but he found a team that grew strong in adversity. Alumni tried to show what they have been doing in these first dates and began to give more play to his backs.

The wind continued to grow and the search for fair play became more complicated. In the absence of 11 ‘Gonzalo Ambroa again advanced to the premises by 18-17 and he put definitive figures to the meeting.


ALUMNI (18): 1- Máximo Castrillo, 2- Tomás Bivort, 3- Ezequiel Oliva; 4- Tiziano Corvo Dolcet, 5- Manuel Mora; 6- Ignacio Etchegoyen, 7- Mariano Romanini ©, 8- Tobias Moyano; 9- Tomás Passerotti, 10- Gonzalo Ambroa; 11- Second Gaviña; 12- Máximo Provenzano 13- Tomás Cubilla; 14- Alejo González Chaves; 15- Thomas Corneille.

Changes: ST: 15 ‘Ignacio Milou by Manuel Mora, 15’ Sebastian Sosa by Ezequiel Oliva, 23 ‘Santiago Ambroa by Tomás Passerotti, 25’ Bautista Canzani by Tomás Corneille, 28 ‘Juan Garri by Tomás Bivort, 35’ Rafael De Santo by Gonzalo Ambroa.

Trainers: Santiago Van der Ghote, Nahuel Neyra and Rodrigo Jimenez Salice.

RACES (17): 1- Diego Torres Agüero, 16- Pedro Garcia Colinas, 17- Beltran Landivar; 4- Tomás Sanguinetti, 5- Nicolás Juarez Bosch ©; 6- Agustin Medrano, 7- Santiago Camerlinckx, 8- Felipe Camerlinckx; 9- Marcos Joseph, 10- Juan Otsubo; 11- Felipe Torreguitar; 12- Juan Cruz Corso, 13- Alejo Barrera; 14- Felipe Terra; 15- Francisco Pisani.

Changes: ST: 11 ‘Felipe De Luca by Nicolás Juarez Bosch.

Trainers: Pablo Camerlinckx and Francisco Camerlinckx.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 15 ‘Máximo Provenzano try and Gonzalo Ambroa (A) conversion, 26’ Juan Otsubo (R) penalty, 32 ‘Juan Otsubo (R) penalty, 35’ Francisco Pisani (R) try, 40 ‘Gonzalo Ambroa (A) penalty.

Partial result: Alumni 10-11 Regattas.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 3 ‘penalty Juan Otsubo (R), 7’ try Alejo González Chaves (A), 11 ‘penalty Juan Otsubo (R), 29’ penalty Gonzalo Ambroa (A).

Final score: Alumni 18-17 Regattas.

Admonished: ST: 1 ‘Tiziano Corvo (A), 13’ Tomás Passerotti (A), 36 ‘Mariano Romanini (A).

REFEREE: Santiago de Achaval.


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