Gymnastics La Plata vs. River Plate – Game Report – August 22, 2021

Gymnastics La Plata vs.  River Plate - Game Report - August 22, 2021

( – River drew 1 to 1 away from Gimnasia, in La Plata, for the seventh round of the Professional Soccer League.

In this way, the Millionaire adds 11 points (he is ninth) and lost the opportunity to get closer to the top, held by Independiente, with 15.

Those of Marcelo Gallardo had just been eliminated from the Copa Libertadores in the quarterfinals, after being beaten 3-0 on Wednesday by Atlético Mineiro.

Now, the challenge for those of Núñez is to bet all the chips on the local tournament, since he was also eliminated from the Argentine Cup against Boca. And he still needs to score points to get among those classified for the Libertadores 2022.

The game started very favorable for the Millionaire, who after three minutes was already ahead with a goal from Matías Suárez: the striker defined very well hand in hand before the goalkeeper left, after a great pass from De la Cruz.

But the advantage did not last long: at seven, after a cross by Francisco Gerometta, Pulga Rodríguez put in a great header to put the equality. It was the first conquest of the former Columbus with the Wolf.

River was the dominator of the game, but Gimnasia tried to generate danger in its own way, and was able to do so with Johan Carbonero in a play inside the area where the local claimed a penalty.

The visit sought to penetrate the large rival defense, but it was difficult for him to arrive with clarity. Without Angileri, injured, in one of the bands, and with Montiel already sold, the bet was to climb up the left side with Milton Casco.

In the complement the proposal was similar: River at times cornered the Wolf but lacked clarity to arrive with chances to score the winning goal. Suárez had it only before the goalkeeper but in an incredible way he deflected his shot by far.

Gallardo moved the bench to find answers. Romero, the top scorer this semester after Borré’s departure, was replaced by Julián Alvarez. Tomás Galván entered for Zuculini and Paradela for kid Simón.

The entered Galván finished from inside the area and the ball went close, while Paradela with a shot from the edge of the area generated another risky chance.

But beyond the pressure and dominance, they were isolated situations. Undoubtedly this River lacks creation in the middle, clarity from the middle forward and forcefulness.

Gymnastics was crouched: at the end of the match, Aleman could have the triumph of Lobo in a run that Paulo Díaz saved with just enough.

The tie left a bitter taste for the Millionaire, but above all the certainty that the road in this local tournament will not be easy, the great outstanding debt of Gallardo.

The team seems to have lost the freshness of other times; Many important players left, and Gallardo will have to reinvent this River to be the protagonist and fight for the championship until the end.

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