The farewell of the legend: Yordenis Ugás wins unanimous decision to Manny Pacquiao

El adiós de la leyenda: Yordenis Ugás gana decisión unánime a Manny Pacquiao

Yordenis Ugás surprised and took the unanimous decision on Manny pacquiao Saturday night in Las Vegas with a solid performance in technique, discipline, and strategy. Ugas thus preserved, the world welterweight championship of the AMB.

The Cuban gave a chair with his right hand, which was the key to the historic victory. Ugas showed that he had well studied Pacquiao and used his right hand the same way he did Juan Manuel Marquez against the Filipino in the fourth fight.

Ugas thrust his right hand flying over the guard of Pacquiao, connecting again and again. With that, he neutralized the legendary left hand of Manny pacquiao, because the Filipino kept his left glove up, taking care of the dangerous right strokes of Ugas. And when Pacquiao I was looking to shoot lefts, the hand was erratic, imprecise and often ended up getting lost in midair.

With boxing intelligence, Yordenis Ugás nullified one of the best blows in boxing history as it has been the left hand of Manny pacquiao.

Plus, Ugas ruled with authority who is the legitimate world welterweight champion of the AMB. It was the title that the body had taken from Pacquiao to give it to Ugas on the desk. But tonight Ugas He showed that he is a true champion, worthy of wearing the belt.

The fight started with a Manny pacquiao that reminded the Manny of his best years. The Manny the first round was intense, changing pace, sometimes slow, and sometimes attacking at speed with combinations. At times, Ugas he is overwhelmed by the speed and volume of the combinations.

But for the second round, Ugas began to adjust. He worked his jab well, getting it with speed and precision to the face of Pacquiao. Once you set the jab, Ugas He started looking for strong forehand shots. In that second chapter, Ugas connected to Manny with three strong forehand spikes, up and down. The Cuban began to show the key to victory: the right.

The third round was very even. Ugas connects with several strong and explosive rights, but Pacquiao respond with explosive combinations, almost instantly and instantly. Pacquiao He gestures that the fight is serious. Have understood that Ugas It will not be an easy rival and puts the extra concentration. Both fighters connect and answer each other.

In the fourth round, Ugas he looked better, jabbing regularly. And he throws the rights, with different intentions, sometimes in a flying way over the guard of Pacquiao, and sometimes straight over the entrance of Manny. Those right hands of Ugas, reminded those hands with which Marquez hurt Pacquiao in the fourth fight.

By the fifth round, Ugas his right hand was fully established. It connected her over and over again with power over the guard of Pacquiao. Manny squeeze in the last seconds of the round and look for quick combinations.

At times, in the fight, Yordenis Ugás the intensity was lowered. And that’s where Manny pacquiao took advantage to win rounds. In the sixth round, Manny he is more active, he seeks more combat. Enters, exits, changes angles, and already takes better care of the right hand of Ugas.

The seventh is a similar round. Ugas slow down the pace, and the intensity of your hitting. Manny he is more active, although there are no very clear blows. At the end of the round, both exchange with intensity without an apparent advantage for either. Manny He wins the round for more activity and aggressiveness.

By the eighth round, Ugas returned to what he was doing right: that right hand that was entering over Manny. Pacquiao lacks explosiveness, doesn’t land power shots, attacks, and is countered well by Ugas. Yordenis it is seen more in mastery of rhythm and space.

The ninth was a low power hitting round. Manny he looks slightly better for being more aggressive and more purposeful in the fight. Ugas is still relying on his right hand, the jab of Yordenis He fades away, but the right overhang continues to enter Manny, although he throws it less frequently.

The tenth is a round in which Yordenis insist with your right hand. Again that flown over the guard of Pacquiao and it keeps connecting it with cleanliness. Pacquiao hits a few hits but they are not explosive, nor do they carry the same strength as the right Ugas. You need to put the accelerator to the pace a Pacquiao.

In the Filipino it seemed like he had one more speed in the tank than he ever used. It seemed that Manny the intensity of his hitting increased as in his best years, but that extra power no longer entered.

In the eleventh round, Pacquiao he’s a bit more active, and he gets his hands on at speed, but without as much explosiveness. This time, Ugas does not respond with strong rights. Pacquiao he does not combine with intention, his combinations seem more lost and improvised, snatched and run over. Win the round by activity, but not by explosiveness.

In the last round, looking history in the eye, Ugas looks better on Manny. Always connect with the right. Neutralizing the left hand of Pacquiao, who has it glued to his face, taking care of Ugas’s right hand.

Yordenis Ugás He made the fight of his life. He showed various qualities such as the study of the rival, the strategy, the execution and the discipline. And all this, in a fight in which he had little time since the announcement.

Still dominated over the ring, Manny pacquiao could have had a close fight. The three judges saw win Ugas. The first, for 115-113 and the other two, 116-112. The card of LEFT PUNCH saw win Ugas 115-114.

It is the goodbye of the warrior. What we saw tonight in Manny pacquiao are the flashes of one of the best fighters in history, but today he is no longer enough to seek feats against Terence crawford or Errol spence. Sufficient for competitive fights against Keith thurman or Yordenis Ugás. That is your limit today.

We will probably look one more time at Pacquiao on the ring, although in a fight more of farewell and tribute than of real aspiration.

Today, retirement is closer than ever. Thanks for everything, Manny pacquiao. You gifted us feats that seemed like the most unlikely stories. You inspired generations of boxers.

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