URBA Top 12: Pucará had more rest and was left with the victory against BACRC

URBA Top 12: Pucará had more rest and was left with the victory against BACRC

In the afternoon of Burzaco, and for the 5th date of the URBA Top 12, Pucará ratified all the good he did last week against CASI and achieved his second consecutive victory, after defeating Buenos Aires by 29 to 24. The local put forward a very complicated game, won the battle of forwards and he defined it with the speed of Iñaki and Juan Delguy.

The first half was intense and fought. BACRC dominated the first minutes and went ahead on the plates with a try from Julián Pomerantz after a good move from the forwards. Pucará quickly assimilated the blow and used the power of his eighth, Leandro Urriza, to balance the balance.

With a clear parity in the fixed formations, both teams scored again in isolated plays. First came the visitor, with a try by Ramiro Costa at 17 ‘, nine minutes later Pucará replied again through Leandro Urriza.

In the second half, the visit felt the wear and tear and the Burzaco team brought out all their craft. With the leadership of Germán Klubus, the local pack began to strike the visiting defense and the spaces appeared. Juan Delguy at 11 ‘e Iñaki Delguy At 26 ‘they scored for their team, who thus found the peace of mind they needed to close the game.

There was time for an onslaught from Gonzalo Camacho’s team who, out of sheer courage, scored a try that left him within reach in the result. However, Pucará forced a penalty in a feasible position for Germán Klubus that the scrum-half did not miss.


PUCARA (29): 1.Tulio Sosa (C), 2. Tomás Montes, 3. Tomás Kelly, 4. Eliseo Fourcade, 5. Ignacio Coppola, 6. Germán Fiocca, 7. Leonardo Segovia, 8. Leandro Urriza, 9. Germán Klubus, 10 Alejo Coppola, 11. Tomás Buckley, 12. Mariano Navarro, 13. Joaquín Paz, 14. Iñaki Delguy, 15. Juan Delguy.

Changes: ST – 18 ‘Manuel Marelli by Tomás Montes; 20 ‘Francisco Jorge by Ignacio Cóppola and Jeremías De Sarro by Tomás Kelly; 24 ‘Tomás Alda by Germán Fiocca; 25 ‘Nicolás González Amorosino by Alejo Cóppola; 29 ‘Valentín Hernán by Francisco Jorge and Gustavo Lespada by Manuel Marelli; 37 ‘Santiago Pardal by Leandro Urriza.

Trainers: Gustavo Jorge.

BUENOS AIRES (24): 1. Facundo Cambiasso, 2. Tomás Rosasco, 3. Blas Coria, 4. Facundo Picca, 5. Franco Baldoni 6. Julián Pomerantz, 7. Francisco Ibarra, 8. Jordi Diéguez, 9. Joaquín Pellandini, 10. Alejo Novo , 11. Tomás Acosta Pimentel, 12. Agustín Lamensa, 13. Ramiro Costa, 14. Alfonso Latorre, 15. Agustín Peirano (C).

Changes: ST – 10 ‘Camilo Ihan by Franco Baldoni; 12 ‘Ignacio Almasque by Francisco Ibarra; 22 ‘Juan Bautista Picca by Julián Pomerantz and Iñaki Iguiñiz by Blas Coria; 37 ‘Tomás Ruiz for Facundo Cambiasso

Trainers: Gonzalo Camacho, Nicolás De Gregori.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 3 ‘try by Julián Pomerantz, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 13 ‘try Leandro Urriza, converted by Germán Klubus (P); 17 ‘try by Ramiro Costa, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 26 ‘try by Leandro Urriza, converted by Germán Klubus (P).

Partial Result: Pucará 14 – 14 Buenos Aires.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 11 ‘try by Juan Delguy, converted by Germán Klubus (P); 26 ‘try by Iñaki Delguy (P); 33 ‘try by Facundo Picca, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 40 ‘penalty by Germán Klubus (P); 42 ‘penalty by Agustín Peirano (BA)

Final score: Pucará 29 – 24 Buenos Aires.

INCIDENTS: PT – 24 ‘Yellow card to Tomás Rosasco (BA).


REFEREE: Juan Alemán.

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