Chávez says his children do not speak to him for taking Canelo into the ring at his farewell

Chávez dice que sus hijos no le hablan por subir a Canelo en su despedida

Julio Cesar Chavez revealed that his sons stopped talking to him since he stepped into the ring to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez during their last exhibition contest, on June 19, 2021.

“It has been very difficult for me, very complicated, the truth, the relationship with my children,” he shared Julio Cesar Chavez in an interview with Yordi Rosado. “I adore them, I love them very much, but right now they are not talking to me, they are angry because I went up to the Canelo, now that I did the exhibition. Because the Canelo he got into the ring with me, why didn’t they go up?

Chavez says that his sons claim that they were the ones who should get into the ring with him at the end of their farewell fight and not him Canelo. The great Mexican champion says that if his children also wanted to climb, they would have.

“The boy (Canelo) I was very happy, I raised it because it was born to me, you are my children, you would have climbed ”, he commented Chavez. “And they got mad at me and they don’t talk to me. It has been hard, because sometimes I have had to admit my children and that as a father hurts a lot ”.

The legend faced Hector Camacho Jr. in an exhibition fight and in the same function he fought Omar Chavez with Ramon Alvarez, while Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. faced Anderson Silva. They both lost.

At the end of his fight with Camacho Jr., JC He asked Saul that he step into the ring as a way to give him the baton as the best Mexican boxer today.

“Thanks, Canelo, here you have the best Mexican fighter of today and possibly in history, “he said. Chavez at the end of the fight with Saul present on the ring. “The comparisons are not good. Canelo he has everything he has based on effort, perseverance and discipline. With all the respect you deserve, you are a fighter, you bastard ”.

Chávez’s relationship with his sons Julio and Omar

“It’s a bit sad, a bit complicated,” he shared in an interview with Yordi Pink. “Life with my children has always been complicated because of the comparisons that there have always been, especially in boxing. Then see their father fall to the bottom, see how he made his mother suffer, they follow in the same footsteps as their father ”.

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