Manny’s Records: Shredding Pacquiao From His Exploits

Los récords de Manny: Desmenuzando a Pacquiao desde sus hazañas

There are so many great things that can be said about the Filipino Manny pacquiao that it would lack ink to describe it, but it is enough to highlight some of the impressive records that this living legend achieved that today seems to be on the verge of retirement.

Titles in different categories

Among them those feats are the titles he won in different categories. According to boxing puritans, he won world titles in six different divisions: 112, 122, 130, 135, 147, and 154 pounds.

Those were the weight categories in which he won absolute titles from one of the four major boxing bodies: CMB, FIB, OMB or AMB.

Less puritans, or casual fans, acknowledge that he won in eight categories. And it is that the belt of Ring Magazine at 126 pounds, which was at stake in his match against Marco Antonio Barrera. And they also tell him the super lightweight title of a minor organism, the IBO, which he won when he brutally knocked out Ricky hatton at 140 lbs.

In the same way, there are six or eight different categories with world title, which did Pacquiao it is a very rare thing to see. Single Oscar de la hoya equates it with six divisions conquered.

It should also be emphasized that Pacquiao he skipped two categories (115 and 118 pounds). And seeing what he did in his career, we have no doubt that it was very likely that if he fought at those two weights he could win a world title.

And it must also be emphasized that not the entire history of Pacquiao absolute titles are counted. For example, in August 2005 he won a minor belt, the international super featherweight of the CMB. There, Manny I was already beginning to point out that superstars are above organisms. He made five defenses of that minor belt against high voltage rivals – twice against Erik morales, Chololo Larios, Archi Solís and Marco Antonio Barrera.

It is also worth mentioning that BoxRec puts it with five linear championships. That is, in that division he defeated the fighter who, in turn, had beaten the best in the category. For instance, BoxRec he has him as a linear featherweight champion, even though he never won a title from any of the four major bodies.

Champion in four different decades

One of the records of Manny pacquiao that is probably unshakable, is to be a champion in four different decades (1990, 2000, 2010 and 2020).

If you think it is very difficult to be a boxer in four different decades, you already know how difficult it is to sustain yourself as a champion. And in all of them he fought with the best opposition, not like others who already in his fourth decade as a boxer are dedicated to breaking the mother to YouTubers funny record.

Victories over champions or former world champions

Manny pacquiao defeated 21 boxers who were champions or former champions at the time of facing them. He stole the title from four of these champions, plus the undefeated one.

Older Welterweight Champion

Among your records, Manny pacquiao He is the oldest boxer (40 years) to win a world title at 147 pounds. At the same welterweight, Pacquiao He is the boxer who has become champion the most times, achieving it four times.

The biggest PPV in history

Manny also holds the record for most sales of PPV in a fight, when he faced Floyd mayweather in 2015 and sold 4.6 million subscriptions.

Against Halls of Fame

Until now, Pacquiao has defeated five boxers who are already in the Hall of Fame. And the figure could go up to seven, when they exalt Miguel Cotto what is insurance Hall of Fame. And probably also between Tim bradley.

If we count his record against fighters who are already in the Hall of Fame, or that they properly enter, Manny it would end with 11 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw.

This without speaking that Pacquiao He made his debut at 106 pounds, at a time when he was in great need, as he was a young man with very limited resources. Anyway, we can scale your career a little more and you will notice that you have more fabric to cut.

I end by saying: We have been very fortunate to have lived through the Manny Pacquiao era.

*The author, DAMIÁN FERRER, it is The Boxing Philosopher, and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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