The day of the soccer player was celebrated in Argentina and nobody wanted to miss it

The day of the soccer player was celebrated in Argentina and nobody wanted to miss it

On August 21 the Argentine Soccer Players Day is celebrated and for the world of this discipline it is very important. This was made clear by the posts made by the main soccer referents in Argentina.

But the establishment of the date has a history. For two years, when in April 2019 the Senate of the Nation officially decreed the “National Day of the Footballers” it was recovering a history long forgotten and that the new generations encouraged to recover.

The story of why the date of August 21 was chosen has to do with a feat carried out by the Argentine women’s team at the World Cup in Mexico in 1971. 50 years ago, the Albiceleste thrashed England 4-1 at the Azteca stadium , which meant the birth of Las Pioneras, as that team was known.

To add more value to this feat, the Argentine player Elba Selva was the star of the day with four goals. In addition, that team traveled to the World Cup without the recognition of the AFA and without the endorsement of FIFA, which only took charge of its organization in 1991 and therefore is not considered an official tournament. The Argentine National Team, made up of 17 players, traveled without a coach and even their players sewed the numbers on the shirts with their own hands.

The Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) paid tribute to them this weekend by giving them the national team jersey with their names and boots, as a historical repair, this weekend.

And the players who currently participate in the AFA tournaments did not want to be absent, who recently managed to be recognized as professionals and the clubs were forced to contract them (a measure that has been in force since March 2020).

Many did not miss the possibility of expressing themselves on the networks in their day, in which several clubs also developed awareness and sensitization activities with a gender perspective, trying to promote and make visible the female branch of football.

Some of them, like Macarena Sánchez, one of the visible faces in the fight for professionalization, did it from her workplace, San Lorenzo.

For others it was the turn of recognition, such as the gesture that the Cordovan Pirates had with their idol, Pepa Gómez.

Or the Argentine National Team player, Mili Menéndez, missing and making herself present from Elche, Spain.

And the presence of that symbol that Unión de Santa Fe has, the Negra Lía Escobar, could not be absent.

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