Aftermath of the battle: Manny Pacquiao receives care and food from his wife Jinkee

Las secuelas de la batalla: Manny Pacquiao recibe cuidados y comida de su esposa Jinkee

Manny pacquiao presents the aftermath of the hard defeat suffered last Saturday at the hands of Yordenis Ugás, and it was his wife Jinkee who published a series of videos where the Filipino looks in difficult conditions while receiving food.

TO Pacman it does not look good in the images. It was Jinkee, his faithful life partner, who showed the status of the legend on his social networks.

The Filipino has bruises and scrapes on much of his face. Jinkee feeds a soup straight into the mouth of Manny pacquiao, which presents inflammation in both eyes, and at no point in the video does he manage to open them.

What’s more, Jinkee published in his stories a series of videos where Manny talk to Dyan caastillejo

, and remember some phases of when you started boxing. And even recite a verse from the Bible.

Pacquiao he sounds lucid, and his speech is agile. However, all the time he remains with both eyes closed due to inflammation.

Manny Pacquiao took worrying blows in his long career

Boxing is not played, and Manny pacquiao he knows. He always left everything in the ring, but took each step with due responsibility.

He provided unique shows, with colorful wars and preponderant beauty, but he also received harsh punishments.

Rustic Torrecampo he was the first to knock him out before the final stroke, with a fierce cross to his midsection.

Not to mention the tremendous knockout received at the hands of Juan Manuel MarquezBut it did not always take an adverse outcome to perceive beatings.

Victories as before Tim bradley or Keith thurman show that the Pacman He has also won in a demanding way, against all odds.

Perhaps on Saturday all the spectators have observed the last great performance of the Philippine giant, as much as it hurts for many. At the end of the day, the most important thing will always be health.

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