Mbappe: You don’t have to have dinner with your teammates every night to win

Mbappe: You don't have to have dinner with your teammates every night to win

The French Kylian Mbappé pointed out that footballers do not precisely have to be friends to achieve success

Kylian Mbappé, the French international who is currently a Paris Saint-Germain player, spoke about his career in an interview published by the magazine Esquire Spain in which he assured that “France is not the best championship in the world“, but despite this, being an” emblematic player “has always felt” the responsibility to help this league grow. “

The 22-year-old footballer, who defines himself “a modern attacker who can play anywhere“He said that his professional ambitions are” to win everything “and that in a profession like that of a footballer, in which there is constant pressure on the protagonists, for him:” day-to-day is easy. “

Kylian believes that great footballers need a great ego and that is why he thinks that humility is not enough. “In high-level football, no one will make a hole for you or tell you that you are capable of doing things. Ego, self-love, is not only a whim of the stars, it is also the will to excel, to give the best of oneself “, assured the ex-player Monaco that every time he enters the field he says to himself:” I am the best. “

Despite this, Mbappé, born in Bondy – a suburb located northwest of Paris – admits that his now PSG teammate Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are still above the rest. “If you tell yourself that you will do better than them, it goes beyond ego or determination: it is lack of awareness. Those players are incomparable, they have broken all the laws of statistics. They’ve had ten, fifteen extraordinary years“said the athlete of Algerian and Cameroonian descent.

As for Neymar, his partner in the attack of the Parisian club pointed out that he had to explain “the French mentality” and the difference with the Brazilian’s lifestyle. “In Brazil they are more festive, in France more serious, here it is not considered good to show your passions, people will think that (Neymar) neglects PSG because he plays poker and I think he has begun to understand it. At first it was difficult for him because he experienced it as an affront. When he arrived they put his face on the Eiffel Tower and six months later they asked him why he plays poker. In France, people know what you have but don’t need to see it. They just want to see you play football, smiling, “he emphasized.

On the inevitable comparison with the Norwegian Erling Haaland as a search for the successors to the throne that they have occupied in recent times, Messi and CR7, Mbappé demands patience. “It is his second year, we are getting to know him, it is the beginning for him. I was happy for him, for what he is doing,” he added.

In relation to their greatest achievement, the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Mbappé stressed that having a young squad helped them face this tournament with greater tranquility and that a soccer team is not necessarily a group of friends. “We were totally unconcerned, we were just a group of colleagues (…) Just as the baker does not get along with all bakers. You don’t have to have dinner with your teammates every night to win“, concrete.

After this achievement, he accepted his status as a celebrity and national hero, considering himself a star because his face is in many places in the city and the world. “Being a star is a status, but it does not make me a better person than others,” said Kylian, although he stated that this has also been a condition for his personal life: “It takes a lot of organization just to go out for a walk.”

Kylian Mbappé Lottin, the man Real Madrid wants to wear white soon, has already scored a goal with PSG at the start of the 2021-22 Ligue One season and is still waiting to define a future that, despite the doubts that the market may present, for now it is still in France.

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