Racing Club vs. Central Córdoba (Santiago del Estero) – Party Report – August 24, 2021

Racing Club vs.  Central Córdoba (Santiago del Estero) - Party Report - August 24, 2021

( services) – Racing Club had the table served, but half achieved the goal. Before facing Central Córdoba, his archrival from Avellaneda, Independiente, lost in Tucumán and thus the Academy needed to win to be the sole leader of the League Tournament. Finally he drew 0-0 with the Santiago del Estero team and reached the top, which he shares with Rojo.

The first minutes saw a duel fought with a lot of divided ball and without arrivals at the goal. Those led by Úbeda improved in the last games, but the visitor stopped well at dawn of the meeting at the Cilindro de Avellaneda.

The first was the Ferroviario at 8 minutes, with a ball that, before catching it, stung Matías Mier, who with a half turn threw it very high.

At 16, Racing warned with a good combination between Enzo Copetti and Maximiliano Lovera, then received close to the area Nery Domínguez and with a right hand sent it over the crossbar.

As the minutes passed, the local team began to take over the ball and controlled the process of the game. Thus at 19 minutes Darío Cvitanich had the clearest with a header that almost on the line diverted Alejandro Maciel to the corner kick. Although the visit responded with an arrival from Alejandro Martínez, who providentially stopped Gabriel Arias.

At 24, La Academia came close again when Copetti played for Tomás Chancalay, whose bitten shot was easily controlled by goalkeeper César Rigamonti. Ten minutes later, the visiting team approached again with a shot from Alejandro Martínez, which lacked precision.

In the first half there was an intense process and each one had their arrivals. The intention of both teams to look for the front goal or to try to get closer, generated a promise of more possibilities for the second 45 minutes.

The second half was a continuation of the first, with one of the two going to the opposite area and it was the people of Santiago who set off the alarm with two corner kicks that they could not take advantage of. Then it was Racing who had the chances with two headers, one of them that was cleared almost on the line by the entered Dixon Renteria.

In the last minutes those led by Úbeda were for the victory, but they did not have precision to break the zero. The match ended in a goalless draw on the night of Avellaneda.

Racing wasted a good chance to stay alone at the top, at least until the eighth date is completed. The Academy now shares first place with Independiente, with 15 points, but they may fall if the teams that have 13 units win: Estudiantes de La Plata, Talleres de Córdoba, Aldosivi and Lanús.

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