The public will return to the stadiums in the match between Argentina and Bolivia for the Qualifiers

The public will return to the stadiums in the match between Argentina and Bolivia for the Qualifiers

In a meeting between the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, Matías Lammens, Minister of Tourism and Sports, and Carla Vizzotti, Minister of Health, it was determined that The public will be able to return to the courts on September 9 in the match between the Argentine National Team and Bolivia for the Qualifiers knocked down Qatar 2022.

The announcement was made at a press conference and it was clarified that It will be a “pilot test”, where 30 percent of the Monumental Stadium capacity will be able to attend.

In addition, Lammens said: “Not only on September 9, but in all local tournaments and for the rest of the sports. We want a gradual lap and for this experience to be used as a pilot test. Surely it is with the same conditions“.

“It is a first step for the public to return not only to football, but to mass shows. It allows us to make an evaluation of how the protocols are going to be implemented. Once the teams are defined, we will give details. Yes we can. anticipate that the capacity will be 30 percent “The Minister pointed out that he wants the fans to return to all stadiums by the end of September.

The Professional Football League would have developed a protocol to present to the relevant authorities that consists of 14 points:

– Presentation of an affidavit

– Proof of vaccination

– Swabbing 72 hours before the game, in certain places

– 30% capacity progressively expandable if the pandemic allows it

– 24 hours before the game, all the information on who is going to the stadium must be available on the indicated platforms

– Pilot test in five games to be determined in the first three dates

– Extended protocol for reserve and juveniles

– One occupied seat with three free seats and one row of separation

– All seated 120 protocol tickets per club

– Possibility of a tribune for vaccinated and another for non-vaccinated

– Each club defines the way in which it distributes the percentage

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