Why did Julio César Chávez wear a red headband?

¿Por qué Julio César Chávez usaba una cinta roja en la cabeza?

Julio Cesar Chavez He told why he used a red headband when he entered the ring in most of his professional fights, which later became an amulet for the great Mexican champion.

“It was not my idea, if it were up to me, I would never have put it on,” he said. Chavez in an interview with Yordi Rosado. “But it turns out that when I was going to fight Edwin Rosario, I remember an advisor from Don king, and he says’ you know what July, put on this red ribbon because this drives away evil spirits. ‘

The theme of the red band, according to Julio Cesar Chavez, left because they had realized that the mother of Edwin rosario he was trying to cast some kind of spell or witchcraft on him.

“I told him, ‘What are you talking about why do you want me to wear the red ribbon’, and he answered that the mother of Edwin rosario I had a photo of me in a bucket with ice so that it would come up frozen, ”he explained. July. “I replied that I was an asshole, that I do not believe in such bullshit, I’m not going to get ridiculous with that tape.”

Finally, Julius Caesar Chavez He agreed to wear the red ribbon after so much insistence. And for his fortune he was victorious in that fight in November 1987 giving one of the best displays of his career.

“He insisted that I put it on, ‘you’re going to see that it will work, this will scare away evil spirits if not you’re going to go up stiff,” “he continues. July. “And he was fucking good and bad, until he convinced me and I put on the red ribbon. I don’t know if I won because of the tape or because I was better than rosary beads

, I think I won because I was better than him ”.

It should be remembered that that battle, the Puerto Rican corner threw in the towel and the referee stopped the fight at 2:38 minutes into the eleventh episode. A) Yes, Chavez was crowned lightweight world champion CMB, his second weight division.

How much money did Chávez earn by sponsoring his red band?

Julio Cesar Chavez He recalled that after he did not want to put the red band on his head, in the end it made him good money. And it is that several brands approached him. They gave him large sums to put his brand name on his red ribbon.

“And the red tape worked because later they paid me to wear it (laughs),” he says. Chavez. “Imagine, at that time they gave me half a million dollars to wear the tape because I was wearing Tecate or Bank of the Atlantic“.

To express question if the Mexican boxer had given any incentive or bonus to the advisor of Don king For giving him that idea, the former boxer replied that he reminded him of his mother.

“I sent him to fuck his mother (laughs), and later I thanked him,” he jokes July. “And afterwards it was made as an amulet. I could no longer get into the ring without the tape, and then everyone would bring it ”.

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