Benedetto: “Having shares in Elche leads me to have more commitment”

Benedetto: "Having shares in Elche leads me to have more commitment"

Elche forward Darío ‘Pipa’ Benedetto affirmed this Wednesday, during his official presentation, that being a partner of the owner of the Spanish club, Christian Bragarnik, and having shares in the entity from Elche has not been decisive in accepting the club’s offer, although he admitted that make you have more commitment to the project.

“I’m happy, I like good projects and here is one”said the former Boca striker, who highlighted the family atmosphere and the good reception he has had in Elche.

“On the second day, it was like it was a year old. It had been a while since I had seen such a close-knit group with such good people. I am committed to the objectives of this club and hopefully we can achieve them “said Benedetto, who admitted to having other options.

The ‘Pipa’ insisted that he did not put his interests as a shareholder before sports because he is still a player: “Tomorrow I don’t know what will become of me. Now I only think about the group and meeting the objectives “.

Benedetto admitted that the first half of the year at Olympique de Marseille was not the best of his career, although he recalled that he did not enjoy too many minutes, and said that he likes Spanish competition, to which he will try to adapt “as quickly as possible ”.

The Argentine player thanked the love received by the Elche fans since his arrival in Elche and hoped to contribute goals to the team.

Benedetto defined himself as a player who likes “to hit him from the outside and look for spaces” and downplayed the fact that he is considered the entity’s media signing.

“I know, but I don’t consider myself a star, but just like the whole group. I know that the expectations with me are great and I hope to be up to the task ”, explained the Argentine, who wished that Elche would not suffer as much as the last championship and be“ a little calmer ”.

For his part, the club’s president, Joaquín Buitrago, defined the forward as a contrasting player with whom Elche takes “a leap in quality.”

“The club has made a great effort so that Pipa can join, but not less than he has done to come to the club”said Buitrago, who stressed that Elche is creating a “much stronger and more competitive” squad than last year.

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