Despite Mbappé’s interest, PSG said “no” to Real Madrid for Kylian; the offer was not enough

Despite Mbappé's interest, PSG said "no" to Real Madrid for Kylian;  the offer was not enough

Kylian Mbappé will remain at PSG, after the French club rejected the offer made by Real Madrid for the services of the forward world champion in Russia 2018

The sports director of Paris Saint-Germain, Leonardo, considers that Real Madrid has had an incorrect and “illegal” behavior in its attempt to sign Kylian Mbappé and has made it clear that the Parisian club has rejected the first offer transferred by the club White.

On Tuesday ESPN He already reported that PSG had rejected an offer of 160 million euros for the footballer. From the Parisian club they insisted that Mbappé is not for sale but at the same time a source close to the negotiation slipped to ESPN that the Parisian team could change its mind if Madrid raises its offer to 200 million euros.

Leonardo confirms that PSG considers that the amount is insufficient but leaves the door open when the striker leaves if the striker asks to leave and Madrid meets his conditions.

We consider that the offer is not enough“Said Leonardo during a meeting with L’Équipe, Le Parisien, AFP, RMC and Marca.

I am not going to confirm figures but it is over 160 million. It is less than what we pay for it [fueron 180 más bonus], but this goes beyond that. It’s the way it’s been done, disrespectful. We have done everything so that Mbappé is with us and one week we are not going to change the plan. Kylian is the center of the project, but he is not above it. But if you stay or go, it will always be with our conditions. If he wants to leave, he leaves, but with our conditions like any other player. We cannot change the plan within a week of the market close. If a player wants to leave, he leaves, but under our conditions. “Leonardo confirmed that Madrid has not yet made a second offer and was hard on the behavior of the white club by calling it” illegal. “” Verbally we have said no to Madrid. And we have not received another offer from Madrid. We have never wanted him to leave, nor have we imagined it, and we have made a very important offer and an even better second for him to renew. The player gave his word in addition that he would not leave PSG free but the strategy seems at the end that it was that, that he left free. We have seen many reports that they had no money, that there were debts in Madrid. I cannot confirm it but it is what has been said, “added Leonardo.

However, Leonardo admitted his disappointment with Mbappé because the French striker himself is the one who has asked PSG to let him go to Real Madrid. “Doesn’t that seem like it? Why is Madrid making an offer then, ”he replied when asked if Mbappé has asked to leave. “If you have told us you want to leave? You know me well, internal things are internal. I do not know, it is not important, we do not want him to leave and there are many things that remain inside, “said the manager, who recalled that there is an agreement with the player not to leave for free.

“I have always said that, that he will not go free, with Mbappé we have talked a lot, with him, with his parents, with his surroundings, we have traveled a very long way with him. We have never opened the door for him, we would have done it before looking for I know that people say that I want to sell, but Nasser and I have the same opinion, we have the same opinion. [incide], we are not divided. If someone wants to leave, we are not going to say no, but they will do so under our conditions. We’ll see what happens”.

PSG’s position has always been to retain Kylian, to renew him. Always, for two years, the goal has been and is the same. And it continues to be so. We made him a very important offer two months ago at the height of the best players, another one even less than the last top players, but for me this seems like a Real Madrid strategy, to have a name of one of our players . For two years, Madrid has had an incorrect, illegal behavior, contacting its environment, unacceptable, nothing correct towards us. And the test of that strategy is to present an offer seven days before the end of the market and one year before the end of their contract and it seems a strategy to imply that they have tried everything. It is not the amount we consider, very far from what we think, and we are not going to sell a player for less than what we have paid with 18 years. We have to give a pending amount to Monaco and we do not consider the offer sufficient. “

Mbappé ends his contract next summer and Leonardo suggested that they do not want him to leave for free but at the same time he assured that Madrid will have to considerably increase his first offer if he wants the French striker to end up wearing the white shirt before the market closes.

For everyone: if someone wants to leave, no one is going to destroy our dream. The club is going to protect itself, is what I do. We do not negotiate through the press. If Madrid uses the press for negotiation, it is not our case. I don’t know what Madrid thinks, but they do know that we have to pay Monaco [se habla de 35 millones]. There has been a global strategy for two years to get to this moment and make an offer one week at the end of the market that they know we are not going to accept and say, well, we have tried and they have not wanted to and we will have the right to sign him free. Kylian has always made it clear that he will not go free, “said Leonardo.

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