Fabiola Ramírez after bronze medal: “I will continue to do my best to raise the name of Mexico”

Fabiola Ramírez after bronze medal: "I will continue to do my best to raise the name of Mexico"

After 15 years and two jousts, Fabiola achieved the long-awaited persea, the first for Mexico in Tokyo 2020.

The siren of cerebral palsy, Fabiola Ramirez Martinez, conquered the bronze medal in the final of 100 meters back, category S2, after registering a time of 2 minutes, 36 seconds and 54 hundredths, during the first day of competitions of the para swimming in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

After harvesting the first medal for Mexico in this Paralympic fair, which represented the 290th for the country in its history in Paralympic Games, Fabiola Ramirez He stressed that this bronze is also his first medal in these jousts and the first for the Mexican Federation of Sports for People with Cerebral Palsy.

“I feel super proud, because after so many years of being in the sport I was able to give this to my federation, my family and myself, it is something that I wanted for a long time, with all my heart and now it is here, present, and it is a memorable day in my life and I just want to thank you all for your support and for trusting me, “he said in an interview with the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE).

Ramírez Martínez, recounted how he lived the final and what this medal meant after so much work and effort.

“I’m super excited, in the test everyone tells me that at the beginning I started a little slow and suddenly I pressed, I put the fifth gear and closed with everything, and at the end you lack air, you lack strength, but that is where it comes out the claw and the heart, I reached the goal and saw the board and I didn’t believe it, until I turned to see the coaches and they told me “yes, it’s yours, it’s yours”, I was left with my chest stuck, from the emotion I wanted to cry, it was a great emotion. I always said oh no, when I win a medal how am I going to cry, I am going to be happy, but now I know that yes, one does cry with happiness ”, he explained.

To get on the podium, the representative from Aguascalientes had to wait a long time, during which she competed in two Paralympic jousts.

“I have been in para-swimming for 15 years, my first Paralympic Games They were in Beijing 2008, I did not go to London 2012 and in Rio 2016 I had a very good time, but it was never enough to achieve a medal, and today here it is, after a lot of work, a lot of commitment, a lot of responsibility towards my sport and towards my dreams above all, seeing close to the possibility of a medal always provokes an illusion, which at the same time is fear, but fortunately today was a day of triumph, of learning and I am going to continue in this which is my passion ”, assured the medalist.

On Tokyo 2020 He still has two appointments to meet, in the 100 meter freestyle and 50 backstroke competitions. “I will continue to do my best to always raise the name of Mexico and Mexican women,” he said.

On the other hand, Armando Andrade was located in step number eight, with a time of one minute, 01 second and 23 hundredths, in the final of 100 meters freestyle, category S8, at the close of the first day of competition in the discipline .

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