“I can’t believe one of my easier rivals did that to me”: Pacquiao talks about defeat with Ugás

Manny Pacquiao y Yordenis Ugás

Three days after his defeat against Yordenis Ugás, Manny pacquiao shows surprise that one of the “easier” rivals he has faced has beaten him.

Pacquiao gave an interview to the journalist Lance Pugmire, from The Athletic, where he reflects on the defeat against Ugas, and about your future.

“In my entire career, Ugas he was one of my easiest rivals, “he said. Pacquiao to Pugmire from The Athletic. “Ugas I only had one style, and I should have been able to move away from it. You’ve seen how I’ve moved before in my fights. But in this fight I couldn’t move. My legs just… went paralyzed. “

Pacquiao thinks that this heaviness in his legs is one of the main reasons for the defeat.

“(Ugas) he shouldn’t have touched me ”, he adds Pacquiao. “When I was moving to the right, I had nothing. You know how I move. You have seen it many times. On Saturday, every time I tried (to move), I just ended up in the same place blocking blows with my hands. “

The Filipino does not attribute his defeat to age, and as a sample he points out the preparation he did.

“I don’t think that’s (age) because look what I did. in training, ”he says Pacquiao. “I was doing 31 rounds a day. I was good at sparring. I moved very well on the ring ”.

Manny does not rule out one more fight, and does not rule out a rematch against Ugas.

“Yes, it could come back in January,” he reveals. Pacquiao. “I’ll see that. I know I can have a rematch if I want to. I just need to tell Al haymon

(president of the promoter PBC). That would not be a problem. I’ll think about it because I can’t believe that one of the easiest rivals I’ve ever faced has done that to me. ”

However, for now he does not have a decision made on whether he will fight one more fight or dedicate himself entirely to politics in his country.

“I do not know. At this moment, I do not close my mind ”, he assures Pacquiao. “I know that in the Philippines people love me more as a presidential candidate because I will fight for them. I will prepare to announce my candidacy and I know that people will love it ”.

The aftermath of the fight for Manny Pacquiao

Manny pacquiao presents the aftermath of the hard defeat suffered last Saturday at the hands of Yordenis Ugás, and it was his wife Jinkee who published a series of videos where the Filipino looks in difficult conditions while receiving food.

TO Pacman it does not look good in the images. It was Jinkee, his faithful life partner, who showed the status of the legend on his social networks. Jinkee feeds a soup straight into the mouth of Manny pacquiao, which presents inflammation in both eyes, and at no point in the video does he manage to open them.

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