“It was stupid”: Óscar de la Hoya no longer wants a fight with Canelo Álvarez

“Fue una estupidez”: Óscar de la Hoya ya no quiere pelea con Canelo Álvarez

Oscar de la hoya has already better analyzed the challenge that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, He backed off, and assures that he no longer wants to fight with him Canelo.

“With Canelo no. It was stupid what I said, “he said. From the pot in interview for Fine Boxing. “I would not want to face another Mexican as I did with ChavezBecause that hurts, you are dividing countries and cultures. I didn’t like that and I don’t want to experience it again ”.

It should be remembered that Golden boy for weeks he had a streak of statements where he had insulted the Canelo. And whenever he could, De La Hoya provoked Canelo, as if trying to heat up a possible fight. Saul he almost always ignored all his words.

As for his next fight against the ex UFC, the brazilian Vitor Belfort, which will be held on September 11 in Los Angeles, the businessman said he was ready in case his rival knocks him out.

“I would love to fight the best, I have always been very proud to fight the best. And this fight is going to be strong, and if they knock me out, then at least it will be an entertaining fight, “he warned.

Oscar de la hoya He assured that he currently feels at peace and content, that nothing can be blamed and that he lives very proud of everything that has happened.

“I can see myself in the mirror and I can tell Oscar de la hoya you know what, I’m proud of you, don’t give up, don’t let yourself fall, “he said.

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UFC president wants Oscar de La Hoya knocked out

Dana White, President of UFC, said he will pray that Vitor Belfort brutally knock out Oscar de la hoya, whom he also treated as a drug addict.

“I am praying that Vitor (Belfort) Knock out this crack addict, and viciously. Let him brutally knock him out “, he sentenced White in interview for The Pat McAfee Show.

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