Julio César Chávez reveals who was the opponent who had the strongest punch

Julio César Chávez revela quién fue el rival que tenía la pegada más fuerte

Julio Cesar Chavez ensures that of all the rivals he faced, the Puerto Rican Edwin “Chapo” Rosario He was the one who had the most punch when he faced on November 21, 1987.

“The fighter who hit me the hardest, not the one who beat me, but the one who hit me the hardest was Edwin rosario, a Puerto Rican, “he said Chavez in an interview with Yordi Pink. “That one was hitting me with a jab and it seemed like he was hitting me over the head with a bat. But, thank God, in round eleven I knocked him out. “

Chavez he was making his lightweight debut, after coming up from the super feathers. In that higher weight, Julio Cesar Chavez met with rosary beads, a punchy fighter who is already well established at 135 pounds, with 24 knockouts in 31 wins.

However, that day, Chavez gave one of his greatest displays by knocking out rosary beads in round 11 and win the WBC lightweight world championship.

The same way, Chavez He talked about people not seeing when a fighter is hit in the ring, or they land a good blow during the fight that often goes unnoticed.

“There are times when many people do not realize when they hit me and they made me feel bad, and I tell them, look at this round they put a blow on me that made me feel bad,” he argued.

Julio César Chávez started the red ribbon fashion with Edwin Rosario

In the same way, it was before the Chapo Rosario, with whom Julio Cesar Chavez began the ritual of wearing a red headband. This, according to the own Chavez, to avoid bad vibes and to be ‘bewitched’.

“I told him, ‘What are you talking about why do you want me to wear the red ribbon’, and he answered that the mother of Edwin rosario I had a photo of me in a bucket with ice so that it would come up frozen, ”he explained. July. “I answered that I was an asshole, that I do not believe in such bullshit, I am not going to get ridiculous with that tape,” he said.

“He insisted that I put it on, ‘you’re going to see that it will work, this will scare away evil spirits if not you’re going to go up stiff,” “he continues. July. “And he was fucking good and bad, until he convinced me and I put on the red ribbon. I don’t know if I won because of the tape or because I was better than rosary beads, I think I won because I was better than him ”.

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