Sergio Busquets agrees his salary reduction with Barcelona

Sergio Busquets agrees his salary reduction with Barcelona

BARCELONA – Sergio Busquets made a “very considerable reduction” of his salary with Barcelona, ​​an official source of the club confirmed to ESPN Digital, thus becoming the third captain of the Barça squad to adjust his contract, two days after the agreement reached by Jordi Alba and pending that the fourth captain, Sergi Roberto, solves a renewal for two seasons in which the club’s executives are already working with their representative.

The 33-year-old midfielder, whose contract with Barça lasts until June 2023, accepted a reduction of 25 percent of the salary established in some variables that are very easy to comply with that he agreed in his last renewal, in September 2018 with the former club president, Josep Maria Bartomeu and that they were not established then as a fixed salary so as not to inflate a salary mass that at that time was already beginning to overwhelm the club’s accounts.

In addition, and as in the case of Alba, Busquets agreed with Barça a postponement of 60 percent of the card that this course must receive and that will receive next season, at which time the board of Joan Laporta hopes to start have the economic situation of the club normalized.

From the Barça entity, the “predisposition” of Busquets was valued from the first moment, warning that from the moment that Gerard Piqué was the first to take the step, the agreement with the other captains was already under way and that they have been closing with the passing of the days for “a matter of timing”, as already specified at the time the central.

Having solved the issue with Alba and Busquets, the next announcement is expected to be made with the renewal of Sergi Roberto, whose contract with the club ends in June 2022 and who will sign an extension for two seasons, until 2024, with a very considerable reduction (could be up to 40 percent). In addition, the versatile 29-year-old footballer will also defer 40 percent of the salary to receive this course, dividing it between the next two.

From here, Barça will enter to negotiate various adjustments with other players on the squad. With Antoine Griezmann, they are studying to make part of the variables that he has in his contract fixed but with an obvious reduction, in addition to, also, proposing to defer a good part of his record this season between the next two, until 2024.

Different is the case of Ousmane Dembélé, who like Sergi Roberto ends his contract in 2022 and whom he intends to renew the Barça club for at least another three seasons … Although with economic conditions significantly lower than the current ones. At the moment, with the player injured until at least November, the talks have not gone beyond an initial contact.

More work is being done, even urgently, on the subject of Philippe Coutinho. The permanence of the Brazilian, to whom Koeman conveyed a message of unquestionable confidence, is considered much closer today than in previous weeks and in case of materializing the club wants, also, to defer a large part of his salary to the next campaign, the last of contract, understanding much more unlikely that he will accept a reduction of his file.

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