The WBA announces that it vacates all its interim championships

La AMB anuncia eliminación de campeonatos interinos

The World Boxing Association (WBA) announced that it will vacate all its interim titles, complying with what its president had announced Gilberto mendoza some days ago. This is how he advances in his attempt to clean up the image of the organism that has gone through several recent controversies.

It was through a statement on Wednesday when the agency announced its decision:

“The AMB decided to cancel the interim championships of the organization through a resolution published this Wednesday, August 25, while the Gold champions will now not appear “above the classification” but will occupy a position in the world ranking. “

To put order in the different divisions, some of the fighters who had interim titles will fight against the champions to settle the titles. In other situations, interim title fights that were already agreed upon will now be elimination bouts.

For example, in the August 14 fight between Gary Russell Jr and Emmanuel Rodriguez it had originally been said that the interim bantamweight title would be at stake. However, already in line with the new decision, the interim title was withdrawn from the dispute, and it became an elimination bout.

WBA withdraws all its interim championships

In its latest listings, the WBA reported eight interim champions, and 11 Gold champions. There were divisions such as the super roosters, super feather, light, super light, welterweight, or heavy, where the body listed four champions per category. This, between his versions of Super Champion, Regular Champion, Interim Champion and Gold Champion.

“For reigning Gold champions, they will no longer appear ‘above ranked’; however, they will occupy a position in the lists from the next world ranking. They will be ranked just below the former interim champion or official challenger. While they may be ordered to participate in eliminatory or Box-off depending on the division ”.

Among the categories in which the AMB He already gave the order to reduce titles is that of the fly. There, the regular champion was ordered Artem Dalakian, face the interim champion Luis Concepcion.

Or in the super fly, where the body has already ordered that its regular champion, Joshua Franco, face the winner of the third match between the Chocolatito González and the Gallo Estrada. In that third fight, the super championship of the AMB in the category. That way, there would be only one champion left at 115 pounds.

Also in the super feather, the AMB decided that the regular super featherweight champion, Roger gutierrez, face the acting monarch, Chris colbert.

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