Eye injury could have occurred in 2019 car accident, reveals Errol Spence

Lesión en el ojo de Errol Spence

Detachment of the retina of the left eye of Errol spence, which prevented him from fighting against Manny pacquiao, could have occurred in a car accident in which you were involved in your Ferrari in 2019.

It was in a sparring session in preparation for the fight with Manny pacquiao that Errol spence He detected something abnormal in his eye and went to see a local doctor in Texas.

“It had a kind of curtain, it looked like a shadow,” he commented in an interview with Mike coppinger from ESPN. “I had that vision after doing some sparring. Being a boxer, and being young, I didn’t want to say anything, but the doctor asked me if there was something wrong with my vision on the left side because my left eye looked like a shadow. If it moves to the center of the eye it becomes much worse. If they had hit me or something, it would have gotten worse. “

This diagnosis forced him to step aside after being declared unfit for his fight with Pacquiao. He underwent surgery to fix the problem as soon as possible.

“I am grateful to have found it (the damage) in time,” he said. “It is an injury that can end the careers of many boxers. Many are not even checked, if it had not been detected in time it would possibly continue to spar and have been permanently damaged. I’m thankful that it happened when it happened, that I found it sooner rather than later. And that I will have another chance to do what I love to do. “

Spence suffered a car accident in which you overturned your Ferrari in 2019. Surprisingly, he came out practically unscathed with some broken teeth and lacerations on his lips. This, despite not wearing a belt and being projected out of the car.

According to the explanation that Spence gave the journalist Coppinger, the doctor who found the injury told him that the injury could have been a consequence of the impact on the car.

After the accident, Spence fought with Danny GarciaTherefore, specialists believe that if he had received an accurate blow, his eye would have been more severely damaged, since the detachment of the retina affects first the peripheral vision and later the center of the eyes. On that occasion, since the fight took place in Texas, the state commission’s rules did not require an eye exam. They only required one optometry, so the injury was not detected.

Finally, Errol He commented on his current state and said that for now he is only limited to walking and cannot do exercises that are physically demanding at least for the next few months.

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