“I felt death against Meldrick Taylor,” reveals Julio César Chávez

Meldrick Taylor y Julio César Chávez

Julio Cesar Chavez revealed that he was on the verge of suffering a stroke at the end of his fight against Meldrick taylor in March 1990.

“I fought at a pace that was not mine, but it was the only way I could beat him, it was round after round where I had to force him, force him,” he commented in a conference with Carlos Munoz. “I hit him five blows, he hit me 10, 15 because he was much faster than me, but my blows were of power and I was sapping him little by little, little by little.”

After he managed to connect on several occasions to Taylor, the legend claimed that he went to his corner to enter the last round and his representative encouraged him to go out and get the knockout.

“My manager tells me, Buffalo (RIP), ‘come on, July, it’s the last round, JulyYou can still knock him out, we are losing the fight, but you still can. Do it for your family, do it for Mexico, for your children, ‘”added the multi-champion. “And I stare at him and say, ‘Why me, you bastard?’ His words were wise.


Until then the judges scored 105-104 in favor of Chavez

, 107-102 for Meldrick and 108-101 for the American, so the Sinaloan went in search of the knockout that occurred three seconds after the end of the confrontation.

“I tell my brother Rodolfo, because I wanted to vomit, I wanted to faint, I swear to you God”He continued. “If I had vomited, I would not be talking to you, I would have had a stroke. My brother used to tell me, ‘we won, we won’, ‘yes but get off the ring because I want to pass out, I want to vomit’. ‘No, don’t vomit’, because the stroke always comes and people die ”.

In the end, July He asked to be bathed with cold water and in case he did not feel well, they would take him to the hospital.

“They took me to the room, I had won the biggest fight of my career and everyone was crying, they were sad because they thought I was going to have a stroke,” he commented. “I had already bathed with ice water, after half an hour I recovered, it was exhaustion that I brought. I saw all of them as they are, ‘what have you bastards?’ I told them, I have recovered, now if we are going to piste ”.

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