River Plate vs. Aldosivi – Match Report – August 26, 2021

River Plate vs.  Aldosivi - Match Report - August 26, 2021

(ESPN.com) – River beat Aldosivi 2 to 0 at the Monumental, for the eighth date of the Professional Football League, and with 14 points it was two from the top, held by Lanús, Estudiantes and Talleres.

The goals of the match were converted by Julián Alvarez at 15 minutes and Enzo Pérez (60).

River started being far superior to Aldosivi. In the first half he had seven goal situations that could leave a result more bulky than the 1 to 0 partial.

The scoring was opened by Julián Alvarez with a goal from the edge of the area after a huge team play.

Two key covers by José Devecchi, against Suárez and Alvarez, prevented River from increasing the lead. And Romero missed an incredible heads up, only to Devecchi.

The local dominance was absolute and at 29 came a play that conditioned Tiburon for the rest of the game: Suárez finished off the goal when the goalkeeper was beaten and Coloccini with his hand avoided the goal; the defender was sent off.

But Julián Alvarez missed the chance with a weak shot (he tried to sting it) in the middle of the goal that the goalkeeper safely contained.

Anyway, River finished the first half attacking and deserving more, taking advantage of every space left by the visitor, who insisted on starting playing from the bottom despite the millionaire pressure.

In the second half everything remained the same, River dominated the actions against an Aldosivi that left spaces and did not approach the Armani goal.

Each River attack seemed to end in a goal, but then it was diluted in the last meters by the lack of precision of the forwards.

Until 15 minutes later a quick counter found Enzo Pérez diving headfirst into the small area for 2 to 0. Marker and lapidary for Fernando Gago’s team.

Then, with the result liquidated, Gallardo got into the team with the income of Galván, Palavecino, Girotti, Fernández and Fontana.

At the end, with River more relaxed due to the changes, Braida hit the crossbar and Maciel demanded Armani in one of the few times that Tiburon finished on goal.

River regained his memory. He won again, something he needed, and he did it true to his style of constant pressure and attack. He had, it must be said, the complicity of an innocent rival who did not change his way of playing knowing that in that way he would facilitate the task of an opponent who does not forgive when he presses and bites all over the field.

In fact, the teams that usually cost the River de Gallardo the most in recent times are those that shrink spaces and do not let the Millionaire play as he likes best. But Gago decided to die with his and ended up suffering the third tournament defeat.

Thus, the Shark lost the chance to climb to the top, since if he added three he would have reached the leaders. River was satisfied, thinking that he can recover his memory and fight for the championship.

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