The Spanish clubs agree not to yield their players to the Conmebol teams for the Qualifiers

The Spanish clubs agree not to yield their players to the Conmebol teams for the Qualifiers

Spanish football clubs grouped in The league agreed to communicate to their players summoned by Conmebol selections for the South American qualifiers “the impossibility of their displacement with their respective selections” and initiate judicial measures against the extension of days of national team matches.

“It has been agreed by the clubs to communicate to their players called by Conmebol teams the impossibility of displacement with their respective teams, pending clarification of the current situation and problem,” says the statement offered by LaLiga after the meeting of this Thursday with the affected clubs.

This position of the Spanish teams affects 25 players from 13 teams, in the absence of knowing the summoned by the Ecuadorian and Venezuelan teams.

The reason for this decision It is the opposition of the Spanish professional football clubs with footballers called by South American teams to the two-day extension of the FIFA period of qualifying matches for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which Spend nine to eleven days on September and October windows.

In this way, the next two South American World Cup qualifying windows would play their matches from September 2 to 10 and October 7 to 12, not counting the previous days in which the players join their national teams and the transfer back. to their clubs.

This extension was agreed by the FIFA Council on August 7, exceptionally and only for the South American teams. to make up for matches not played in March 2021.

From LaLiga’s point of view, this decision affects “in a flagrant way the calendar and the integrity of the competition” and the Spanish professional football association considers in its statement that other confederations, such as European UEFA or the North American Concacaf have not expanded the number of days despite having the same number of international matches, three per team.

For this, the clubs meeting this Thursday agreed “unanimously” to implement “precautionary measures before the competent judicial body in order to protect the rights and interests of the competition and of the affected clubs, “the statement added.

The organization of the clubs of the first two categories of Spanish football announced that During the next few days, new meetings will take place to “update the situation of the problem generated by FIFA”.

The highest body of world football indicated this Wednesday, through a statement by its president, the Swiss Gianni Infantino, that the transfer of players by the clubs to the national teams is “a matter of great urgency and importance.”

“Many of the best players in the world compete in the Spanish league and the English league, and we believe that these countries also share the responsibility of preserving and protecting the sporting integrity of competitions around the world,” said the Swiss leader, who in A letter dated August 23 to the president of Conmebol Alejandro Domínguez assured that he would “share in the consequences of a possible breach” to the national clubs and associations that decide not to release their footballers.

The English Premier League decided unanimously not to cede the players to their national teams

Italy was the last to join the refusal to give players to Conmebol teams

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