“Warrington says I won by luck; There is no luck in boxing ”, says Bronco Lara

Josh Warrington asegura que prefiere retirarse si no le gana a Mauricio Lara en la revancha

The Mexican Mauricio “Bronco” Lara warned Josh warrington that in his first fight he did not beat him luckily, since that does not exist in professional boxing.

Warrington He said I was lucky Believe me, there is no luck in boxing, “he said. Lara in interview for Matchroom. “I have never won anything with luck. I won with a lot of work and a lot of discipline ”.

It should be remembered that Lara took the victory in February by knockout in the ninth round, removing the undefeated to Warrington, who was weighted as the best pen in the world. It was one of the biggest upsets in Mexican boxing in recent years.

“Coming as the unknown rival against an entire nation is difficult, but not impossible, as I demonstrated that day,” he recalled. Lara. “Of course, since I beat him, I feel like the champion. As they say in my town, I am the champion without a crown ”.

Despite the fact that Warrington was weighted as the best featherweight in the world, there was no title at stake that day. And it is that a few weeks before, at the end of January, Josh warrington had vacated the featherweight world championship of the FIB by refusing to fight with the mandatory rival Kid galahad. Therefore, it was a fight without a world title in between. Because Lara is considered a champion without a crown.

“It sounds good and I think I have earned it with hard work. I want to be number one in the world and I think I will achieve it, ”he argued.

The Bronco lara He assured that in the rematch fight against the English, agreed for September 4, a very different version will be seen from the first battle.

“I will be a different person. I have more momentum in this fight because Warrington He has been saying many things and he will regret it, ”he explained. “We think he’s going to be very careful with his face and jaw, so we’ll watch his strategy.”

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Bronco Lara vows to destroy Warrington

Mauricio Lara insisted that for the second duel scheduled for September 4 in England he will go out with everything to completely destroy Warrington.

“Trust me; It doesn’t matter what strategy I have because I have come to destroy it. I am a very humble person, ”he said. “He earned my respect in the first fight because he was number one in the world (at 126), but that’s no longer the case. He doesn’t respect me and he said a lot about my dad ”.

“I knew I had to win decisively in the first fight. This time it will be different. I will win, but you will see a Mauricio Lara totally different ”, he sentenced.

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