Barcelona advances in the renewals of Ousmane Dembélé and Pedri

Barcelona advances in the renewals of Ousmane Dembélé and Pedri

BARCELONA – Barcelona is patiently waiting and signing any interest that may exist in the signing of Ilaix Moriba, removed from the plane after his refusal to renew the contract that ends in June 2022 and that with a proposal from RB Leipzig on the table is also in Tottenham Hotspur’s plans. An authorized source of the Barça club admitted to ESPN Digital the interest of the Spurs, but was quick to clarify that “right now there is nothing firm. There are conversations without any commitment.”

Greater expectations are in specifying the renewals of Ousmane Dembélé and Pedri González, whose contracts end in June 2022, although in the case of the Canarian midfielder there is an option for the club to extend it for two more years. “They are being treated”, revealed the same source consulted, assuming that there is a good predisposition with the representatives of the two footballers.

The French abroad, injured and whose return to the fields is not expected until well into October, has an initial proposal on the table for three more years, until 2025, with a salary cut that would already be established at the signing of the contract and that it was not rejected by his agent, Moussa Sissoko.

In the case of Pedri, the idea is to close a contract for five seasons and, unlike in other cases, offering him an increase in his salary, which is currently among the lowest in the workforce and which would fall within the so-called middle class. of the locker room. To this would be added an increase, also considerable, in its termination clause, which is currently estimated at 470 million dollars.

The predisposition of the Canarian footballer is known maximum for continuing at Barça, although at the moment the club was alerted that an immediate announcement is not expected. “There is talk but nothing is closed, nor is it expected to be immediately” is confirmed from the Camp Nou offices, where confidence in this regard is, in any case, absolute.

Very different is the situation with Ilaix. Barça’s plan with the rebellious youth squad remains unchanged. Knowing the negotiations between the player’s agents and Leipzig, which are suspected to be very advanced, from the Camp Nou they rushed to rule that the 10 million dollars that the German club would be in a position to pay for the transfer are not enough, valuing the Starting price at 23 million, an amount that Leipzig would not be able to offer … And that Tottenham could approach.

However, in the Barcelona offices the way of acting of the youth squad’s environment continues to surprise, who did not even respond to all the requirements to negotiate their continuity after the first, and only, meeting that the two parties held in mid-June after which The differences in criteria were evident.

Once practically any kind of rapprochement with the representatives of Ilaix is ​​ruled out, the Barça club intends to make the most of its economic performance and this translates into a minimum income of 17 million dollars that would place the English club in the foreground. … As long as he also reaches an agreement with the player, who on Thursday held a meeting with his father with Brais Lorenzo, who has been running his affairs for years, left Jonathan Barnett’s old representation agency and joined to the Rogon company to continue guarding, always in accordance with his father, the footballer’s career.

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