“Canelo, the best Mexican today and possibly in history,” says Julio César Chávez

Canelo, el mejor mexicano de la actualidad y posiblemente de la historia, asegura Julio César Chávez

Julio Cesar Chavez insists that he yielded to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez the courier as a great figure of Mexican boxing and ensures that Saul He is the best Mexican fighter today, and he will possibly also be the best Mexican in history.

“It was a very nice thing to pass the baton to the Canelo ”, said Chavez in interview for Little Giant Boxing, “Always had it, (Canelo) is the best Mexican fighter today and possibly the best in history ”.

Chavez explained why he decided that Canelo step into the ring with him, at the end of his last exhibition fight against him son of Macho Camacho.

“It was something spontaneous, it was not something that was written,” explained the great Mexican champion. “Can elo

He was excited down the ring cheering me on. I saw the Canelo very excited and I told him to come up so that he was in my corner ”.

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Chávez assures that his children do not speak to him because of his gesture with Canelo

It should be remembered that Julius Caesar he told Yordi Pink that for this action their children Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Omar they have not spoken to him since.

“It has been very difficult for me, very complicated, the truth, the relationship with my children,” he shared Julio Cesar Chavez in an interview with Yordi Rosado. “I adore them, I love them very much, but right now they are not talking to me, they are angry because I went up to the Canelo, now that I did the exhibition. Because the Canelo he got into the ring with me, why didn’t they go up?

Omar clarifies that Canelo is not the culprit

Omar Chavez revealed that the reason he does not speak to his dad is that he has not received the money he was promised for fighting in the show he gave Julius Caesar at the Jalisco Stadium last June.

“They say that my brother July and I’m upset with my dad because he went up to the Canelo to the ring, “he wrote Omar in social networks. “We must not confuse ourselves, it is true that I am not a fan of Canelo but I know how to recognize the athlete that he is as a gentleman. And I am even proud that he puts the name of my country up high like my father did ”.

Omar added the reasons for the disgust.

“I’m not upset with my dad for putting him in the ring, he can be friends with anyone,” he clarified. Omar. “If there is annoyance with my dad, it is for other things. He says I’m not talking to him about the Canelo. Rather it saddens me that they do not fulfill the contract that I signed through my father’s company for the last boxing exhibition. I know they will say they beat me, I don’t know what, they will criticize, but I made a deal to prepare myself for a fight in which I worked ”.

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