Everything you have to know in the previous to the 5th date of all the superior categories of the URBA

Everything you have to know in the previous to the 5th date of all the superior categories of the URBA

In tournaments that so far are extremely even, First A, B, C, Second, Third and Development will contest their respective fifth dates.


Los Matreros vs. Atlético del Rosario

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: There is a great match between two clubs that were among the best in the return to post-pandemic competition. On the one hand, Los Matreros is the revelation of Primera A, with a sensational performance and more than 40 average points per game in their triumphs against Deportiva Francesa, San Albano, Pueyrredón and San Patricio. On the other, Atlético arrived in the pre-start session as a candidate and for now reaffirmed everything that was expected of them. They have two points below the rojiblancos, since they did not get the bonus in the first dates, against Moreno and La Plata. They come from thrashing San Albano by 51 to 7.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Undoubtedly, it is the game that generates the most expectations in the division. Los Matreros were forceful in all their performances, and here you will know what level they are at. While Plaza prepared for a year to return to the Top 12 and seeks to return as soon as possible to the highest category of the URBA.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2008, the last precedent between both clubs due to the Relocation of URBA Group I. On that occasion they tied in 13 goals in the match played in Buenos Aires. The other antecedents indicate that since 1996 there have been eight victories in Rosario and none for Los Matreros.

They complete: Pueyrredón vs. Saint Patrick, Saint Albano vs. Curupaytí, Deportiva Francesa vs. Lomas Athl., La Plata vs. Champagnat, Mariano Moreno vs. San Carlos, and Banco Nación vs. Olives.


University of La Plata vs. San Cirano

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They arrive with opposite presents. One focused on rearming the squad (University), after a pandemic that hit him in the midst of a turnover of players, the other in full effervescence, playing in “promotion” mode and with the focus set since last year. Those from La Plata only beat the City of Buenos Aires and has just lost against San Martín by the minimum, 17 to 16. San Cirano is the absolute leader and only against Hurling did he not get the bonus. They arrive after beating Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires by 32 to 12.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In San Cirano, it is clear to everyone that the goal is to play the Primera A tournament again in 2022. In 2019, Villa Celina’s men were one place below San Patricio, one of the clubs that managed to rise thanks to the playoffs. For Universitario, without a doubt, this tournament will serve as a transition, because the focus is on working to have as many players as possible again.

BACKGROUND: 16 years ago (2005) they faced each other for Group I in Manuel Gonnet, where the La Plata team won by 19 to 13. The last clash in La Plata was in 2019, with the Panthers’ success, by 14 to 13. San Cirano did not He has been winning on the road since 2011, when he won 33-8.

They complete: San Fernando vs. Manuel Belgrano, Daom vs. Naval Lyceum, SITAS vs. City of Bs. As., Don Bosco vs. San Martín, Gymnastics and Fencing vs. Delta RC, and San Andrés vs. Hurling.


Italian vs. Military High School

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: If there is a party that promises in the category, it is the one with Italiano and Liceo Militar as protagonists. The two arrive undefeated, with four wins each, and in the lot of the best four in the division, along with Vicentinos and CUQ, all separated by only two points. The homeowner comes from beating Centro Naval as a visitor by 36 to 26, while the visit beat El Retiro by 36 to 12 on his court.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In Bajo Flores, everyone points to promotion, after two very close attempts in 2018 and 2019, when they were not given in the playoffs. The case of Liceo is different, because they are in the middle of the reconstruction stage, after descending in 2019 for the last place in First B.

BACKGROUND: Since 2002, only two wins went to Italiano, by 38 to 26 in 2016 and by 43 to 19 in 2017. In 2015, it was the last time that Liceo Militar won as a visitor by 22 to 12. They complete: El Retiro vs. Luján RC, Areco RC. vs. Monte Grande, Old Georgian vs. Lanús RC, Atlético and Progreso de Brandsen vs. CASA de Padua, CU Quilmes vs. Viceroys, and Vicentinos vs. Naval Center.


GHG vs. Albatross

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: In 2019, things were not easy for GEI, since until the end it did not have a good time and had to fight to remain in Second. In Albatross case, relegation punished a pale 24-loss campaign for the year. Those of Ituzaingó come from losing in Los Cedros by 55 to 29 in what was their second defeat in the tournament. On the other hand, the Tricolor won the four games they played and remained as an escort for Club Argentino de Rugby and Mercedes, after beating Atlético Chascomús by 37 to 15

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For Gimnasia the goal is to strengthen its structure and build a competitive squad by 2022. Albatros started with everything to regain the lost place in First C. If they maintain this clean and jerk, they will be among the clubs that fight for the only promotion.

BACKGROUND: They did not play in 2019. The last antecedents were a year before, where those of Barrio Hernández thrashed in their court by 55 to 0 and they were imposed tightly in Castelar by 38 to 35.

They complete: San Miguel RHC vs. Los Cedros, Atlético Chascomús vs. Mercedes RC, Las Cañas RC vs. Del Sur Rugby, La Salle vs. St. Brendan´s, Federal Shot of San Pedro vs. Argentino de Rugby, and San Marcos vs. RC Tiger


Varela Jr. vs. The mills

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: For Varela, the wait was worth it, as it is one of the few clubs in all categories that has achieved all the points. Four out of four and with bonuses on all dates. They come from winning in Baradero without receiving so many against, by 29 to 0. In four dates they only made 17 points. For Los Molinos, the fourth date was that of recovery, after his first two setbacks since he joined URBA. They come from beating Beromama, by 36 to 10.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Varela was one of the teams that descended in 2019 to Third and in one of the clubs that seek a return to Second. The beginning points to that they will be one of the candidates to fight for the title. For Los Molinos, being in a new category brought other challenges for the squad, which had some modifications from the one that won the promotion. The objective will be to be competitive and be among the casts that compete for the main places.

BACKGROUND: They face for the first official way in Division Superior.

They complete: City of Campana vs. Ezeiza, Vicente López vs. Arsenal Náutico Zárate, Los Pinos vs. San José, Banco Hipotecario vs. Baradero Federal Shot, and Beromama vs. Porteño.


Atlético San Andrés vs. Berisso RC

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They started very well, with good starts for both clubs. Atlético, with three victories, is the most effective in the category, and after being free they thrashed Marcos Paz 78-5. Berisso played all four rounds, and only lost one, against Glew’s Defenders. Last Saturday he beat PAC de General Rodríguez by 19-0

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For Atlético, the goal of promotion is a path that they have been traveling for some seasons. In 2019 they stayed at the door, in the playoff against Banco Hipotecario. In the case of Berisso, they are in a new stage, which is to consolidate a game idea to maintain it over time. The good start in the results serves to take clean and jerk and give them confidence.

BACKGROUND: Much parity between both clubs, with only two more wins for Atlético San Andrés, in the duels of the last decade. In 2019, they met twice and they were Atlético victories, by 30 to 12 and 77 to 12.

They complete: PAC Gral. Rodríguez vs. Municipality of Berazategui, Defenders of Glew vs. Rivadavia de Lobos, Floresta RC vs. Almafuerte, and Sociedad Hebraica vs. Plays. Sanitary. Free: Marcos Paz.

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