‘Lobito’ Fonseca never gave up and sees in Tokyo 2020 the consolidation of his overcoming

'Lobito' Fonseca never gave up and sees in Tokyo 2020 the consolidation of his overcoming

The Costa Rican will compete on August 30 and September 3 in the Paralympic Games that are held in Japan

Ernesto “Lobito” Fonseca, is one of the most beloved athletes in Costa Rica, and on August 30 he will have what he has defined as one of the most important competitions of his entire life.

The attic will represent Costa Rica at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2021There, he will face the 100 and 200 meter freestyle category T51, a modality in a wheelchair with very limited movement in the upper extremities.

However, the path to being able to compete in Tokyo 2021It was not easy at all, in fact, the Costa Rican who is already in Japan was not seen at the event, but, to his fortune, the sport was fair and he returned what he deserved.

“I never thought of quitting, but when I saw the mark they put on these Paralympic Games and it was very difficult, I have competed for six years in this and once in my life I have lowered my personal best in the best time, the time I qualified for Rio 2016 in 100m was 24.57, for Tokyo 2020 they were asking for 22.64 ”, added the attic.

“To go down two seconds in a hundred meters it was practically impossible, it is like ten meters, you need an engine, an extra force, my best time was 23.78, so you can imagine, I have dropped one second in six years,” he added.

And is that Ernesto Fonseca, who at the end of the 90s and beginning of 2000 was the most outstanding piece of Costa Rican motorcycling, has had to face all kinds of obstacles, including state entities that provide zero support to ParaAthletes.

“I am very sincere, I had no hope, I had not thought that I was going to qualify because I did not know that there were other methods, here, the Paralympic Committee is not like it is the most transparent in the world, I am always the one who has to be behind of the communications and finding out and it really is sad and it is what there is and one tries to work on that, hopefully things change a bit, when the classification is given there if there are several people who could appear, taking advantage of this, I think that it should if there is more support for the athlete and the sport itself ”, mentioned the Costa Rican who will participate on August 30 and September 3.

Ernesto Fonseca recognizes that the medal option for Costa Rica It is quite remote, however, faced with the obligation to represent the country in the best way, he decided to enlist the services of Johnny Mora, a specialized athletics coach, who accompanied him to Los Angeles for a camp prior to the Olympic jousts.

“We are quite happy with the training that has been carried out, at this moment, we are in California in a camp prior to traveling to Tokyo 2020“He added Johnny Mora from California.

The last days of training for Ernesto ‘Lobito’ Fonseca They were of high intensity, focusing on improving power, a transcendental aspect in this type of competition.

“We have tried to work hard on power, which was something that could improve him, in recent weeks, in recent days we have focused on that, remember that he competes in speed, so power is the key, he has sought a lot of the quality of training, now we only have to compete in Japan, and we fulfill the specific jobs “, he concluded Johnny Mora.

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