Medvedev: “I will do my best to keep the entire Big 3 at 20 Grand Slams”

Medvedev: "I will do my best to keep the entire Big 3 at 20 Grand Slams"

Daniil Medvedev (2nd) is one of the candidates to fight the trophy of US Open. The Russian, who has not yet been able to lift any major, he spoke at a conference, days after his debut in the New York tournament against Richard Gasquet (82nd).

“I’m here to do my best to keep the entire Big 3 in 20 Grand Slams won. Tennis is about winning matches and tournaments and he (Djokovic) is very good at that.” said the Russian about the number one in the world. Then he expanded: “I want to win the US Open and I do not care if it is against a player from the previous phase or in front of Novak. My goal is only to win it, although of course we know that he is very strong and that he is one of the best in history, which makes him the great favorite. “

In reference to Djokovic, Medvedev spoke of its virtues: “He really is an incredible player. There is no other word to describe it because when it arrived at the circuit they were already Roger and Rafa And no one thought I’d be at that level, but he was able to break almost every record and I think he will break a few more in the years to come. If I have to stay with an attribute of his, I would say his movement within the track, but he is a very complete tennis player because his backhand, forehand, rest and service are not bad at all “.

Finally, He also spoke about the lack of a Grand Slam trophy for the Next-Gen. About that he expressed: “I think the competition between us is good. Everyone will probably want to be the first to do it.. Thiem did it last year. Of the Big 3 there is only Nole who will go for the Grand Slam. It’s a kind of competition between us to win it, but there will only be one who gets it first. “

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